Elisabeth Moss & Director Jason Lew On Living In ‘The Free World’ – Sundance Studio


“The absolute right people will find their way to a project, and you have to kind of surrender to the process; the way the actors came in, same with the financing and that whole dance,” says Jason Lew about mounting his feature directorial debut The Free World. Lew nabbed quite the headliner in Mad Men alum Elisabeth Moss, who continues her credits streak here in the indie sphere following her tenure on the AMC series with The One I Love, Meadowland, Truth and High-Rise. In Free World, Moss plays Doris, a Louisiana police officer’s wife, who one day lunges herself, blood and all, into the life of ex-con Mo Lundy (Boyd Holbrook). He’s a good guy that was charged for a crime he didn’t commit. Even though he’s trying to go legit as an animal shelter worker, Mo gets wrapped up in Doris’ pickle. The Free World has two connections to director Gus Van Sant: Lew’s first feature 2011 screenplay Restless was directed by Van Sant, and Free World‘s lead Boyd Holbrook was launched by the director in Milk. Here Lew and Moss discuss the making of Free World at Deadline’s photo and video hub at the Samsung Studio.

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