‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Kicks Off With $75.7M; ‘Ten Commandments’ Eyes Brazil Record – Intl B.O. Final

Kung Fu Panda 3 Box Office
DreamWorks Animation

cinemaworldUPDATE, TUESDAY AM: A number of titles came in higher in actuals than their weekend estimates including The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens while the weekend overall at the international box office was up versus last week. Across the Top 10 titles released, the increase was about 39%. That’s thanks largely to Kung Fu Panda 3 which served up a $75.7M weekend and came in at the high end of estimates in its $58.3M China kick-off. That’s a record for an animated three-day opening and nicely sets the table in the market where it has coveted local status and will continue to punch up strong numbers.

KFP3‘s heft helped boost the session versus last year, by 46% across the Top 3 titles. At the same time in 2015, Running Man was running circles around the China competition with The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies and Taken 3 also in the mix.

10 commandmentsAn interesting quirk of this week’s frame is the appearance of a local Brazilian film at No. 10. Faith-based The Ten Commandments: The Movie (Os Dez Mandamentos) set a new opening weekend local currency record with about 25M reals ($6.25M) at home according to local estimates. It could now be eyeing an all time-record for a homegrown film. The current leader is 2010’s Elite Squad 2 with about $63M. More on Ten Commandments in the local-language report below.

Up next week are expansions on several studio titles and a handful of territories for Sony’s new entry, Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. Also hitting some international markets before their China debut are blackout pics The Monkey King 2 and From Vegas To Macau III. Those titles will hit the Middle Kingdom on Monday, February 8 in what will be a mega PROC frame.

Actuals have been updated below. Anita Busch contributed to this report.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY: Delivering a one-two punch as the domestic and offshore weekend leader, DreamWorks Animation/Oriental DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 3 has kicked up a $75.7M start in six overseas markets. As expected, China delivered a record-breaking opening weekend for an animated film with $58.3M on about 15K screens. Korea also had a good start with $11.4M on 1,359 screens.

KFP3 benefits from status as a local film in China where it’s going out in two versions and playing on 3D and IMAX screens. In 289 IMAX plays combined in China and Korea, KFP3 grabbed $4.2M. The three-day in the Middle Kingdom was worth $3.8M and set a new record for an animated title. It bested How To Train Your Dragon’s 2‘s four-day $2.87M. In Korea, Po grossed $380K on 17 IMAX screens with an opening day that was the biggest ever in local currency.

Elsewhere, Spotlight and The Finest Hours are among the new titles entering the ring along with KFP3. In notable holdover highlights, Fox’s The Revenant added another $25.8M to bring the international cume to $142.7M. In the UK, it’s held the No. 1 spot for three weekends. Also, Universal’s Tina Fey/Amy Poehler comedy Sisters has crossed $100M worldwide; Creed is now clocking in at over $50M internationally for Warner Bros; and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is closing in on becoming the 3rd movie ever to reach $2B globally. International breakdowns on those and other films are below:

Kung Fu Panda 3, from directors Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh, is releasing in what amounts to an essentially two-pronged pattern. This weekend, it hit North America along with powerhouse markets China, Korea and Russia in an effort to take advantage of opportunistic moments on the calendar. Elsewhere, rollout will pick up in March. The international portion of the opening was $75.7M. The last Kung Fu Panda movie had a $55M+ opening in May 2011, just after getting the red carpet treatment in Cannes. KFP3 made $58.3M in China alone this frame.

kung fu panda 3 chinaThe start in China set a record as the biggest three-day bow ever for an animated pic. The previous title holder was Minions which opened on a Sunday in September and went on to a total $68.5M. China is expected to continue to perform and with KFP3‘s local status, it also benefits from a higher share of the box office (roughly 40%) and the chance to stay in theaters for more than 30 days which is the restriction placed on movies that come in under the quota system. Po and crew should ultimately best the highest-grossing Chinese animated film of all time, 2015’s Monkey King: Hero Is Back, and its $153M. Very conservative estimates ahead of the weekend saw KFP3 at $35M on the low end and upwards of $50M at the high.

In Korea, KFP3 goes out under an agreement with CJ Entertainment. Landing $11.4M and the No. 1 spot with about 65% of the market, it came in slightly lower than the last installment’s start of $12.8M. The cume on the last pic was just over $41M. In Russia, where a flu epidemic was declared in Moscow earlier this week, KFP3 clocked in at No. 1 with $5M on 1,190 screens. That’s well off KFP2’s start of $15M at the end of May 2011. The ultimate Russian tally was $32M. KFP3 has a largely unfettered two weeks ahead in both markets and will play against a host of local Lunar New Year movies in China starting February 8.

Spotlight SAG AwardsOscar nominee and SAG ensemble prize winner Spotlight saw its first major international rollout this weekend with an estimated $4.13M. The film, which began its career at the Venice Film Festival in September and has carried on with momentum throughout awards season, bowed notably in the UK, Australia, Spain and France via distributors eOne and Warner Bros while Sony also has some smaller markets. The team, including actors Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo, made the rounds through Europe in the past few weeks with real life journalists Walter Robby Robinson and Mike Rezendes in tow. Keaton was also recently decorated by France’s Culture Minister in a local ceremony.

In the UK, and vie eOne, the drama about a crack team of reporters who uncovered a massive scandal in Boston’s archdiocese, had the highest per-screen average in the Top 10 and landed No. 5 overall. It grossed $1.4M on 241 screens. A further 80-100 will be added in the run-up to the BAFTA Awards on February 14. The numbers are in line with The Dallas Buyers Club.

In Oz, also via eOne, the opening was $610K on 105 screens. This is bigger than Dallas Buyers Club and will see an expansion to more screens this week. Spain (eOne) was No. 6 with $650K on 279 screens, in line with Birdman which went on to gross $5.3M at the Spanish box office. France, where Warner Bros releases, opened with $800K on 215 screens, about 15% lower than Philomena which went on to gross $5.8M. The Netherlands (eOne) bowed to $85K on 42 screens. Spotlight has also released in New Zealand (eOne), Portugal (Lusomundo), Uruguay (Sony), Finland (Sony), Iceland (Sony) and Turkey (Sony) bringing the total cume to $5.75M. Several major markets are still to come including Germany and Italy.

Finest HoursIn a limited initial rollout, Disney’s seafaring drama The Finest Hours anchored a better than expected $2M (up from the Sunday estimate of $1.6M) in Belgium, the Netherlands, Thailand and some smaller markets. An ensemble pic starring Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana and Ben Foster, it’s sailing through a staggered release with Russia next weekend, followed by Brazil and the UK in two weeks. Disney previewed footage for this one at June’s Barcelona conference for European exhibs. It’s based on the best-selling book by Casey Sherman and Michael J. Tougias and helmed by Craig Gillespie. The 3D drama chronicles the massive rescue mission launched when a pair of oil tankers split in two near Cape Cod in 1952. Also bowing Stateside, it is looking at $10.3M for the weekend with an A- CinemaScore.

While it’s in its 3rd frame of play in the U.S., Michael Bay’s drama has just begun its international rollout. Opening in eight markets this weekend, it grossed $1.5M. The story of members of a security team who fought to defend the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya following the 2012 terrorist attacks, travelled to the UK, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines among others while releases will continue via Paramount throughout February and March. In Taiwan, the action drama took the No. 1 spot with $389K and comping 55% above Zero Dark Thirty and 30% above Argo. Thailand had a No. 2 bow at $284K, 525% above Argo and 147% above ZDT, and the Philippines opening was $250K; 178% above ZDT and 135% above Argo. It was a different story in the UK which engaged with $320K, 70% below Lone Survivor and 78% below Argo.

THE REVENANTWith No. 1 openings and holds, Fox’s Oscar nominations leader grossed a better than expected $25.8M (up over $1.5M from its Sunday estimate of $24.3M) this weekend. That takes the total to $142.7M overseas. Among highlights, the UK is still No. 1 after three weeks and has the highest market cume with $23.5M. In Germany, with only a 25% drop, it picked up another $2.5M for an $18.6M cume. Russia, after four frames, is the 3rd biggest offshore market with $14.4M. In new bows, Holland ($1.3M), Belgium ($1.1M), Argentina ($955K) and Sweden ($914K) were No. 1s. In other notable holds, and as Leonardo DiCaprio continues to pick up prizes for his lead turn, Mexico has cumed $9.39M and Italy after three weeks is at $12.17M, coming in 2nd this frame behind a local debut. In total, there are 63 markets open.

Rolling into six new markets this weekend, Sony’s adventure pic broke through with $13.8M on over 6,464 screens in 66 total markets. The overseas cume after three weeks is now $45.9M. In highlights, Latin America saw three new openings including Mexico which is off to a $1.8.4M start from 1,046 screens. That’s on par with The Maze Runner and Divergent. The Chloe Grace Moretz-starrer also scored the biggest opening ever for a YA film in Colombia ($520K) and Chile ($420K). Holdover drops were slight across the region. France was a No. 1 bow with $2.6M and on par with Divergent. The top market cumes are Australia ($4.4M, 3rd weekend); Brazil ($3.4M, 2nd weekend); Russia ($3M, 2nd weekend); Germany ($2.8M, 3rd weekend); and Malaysia ($2.3M). The 5th Wave washes into Italy next frame.

Squirreling away, Alvin & Co. was way up from its estimate this weekend of $12.8M, rising another $1M to push its final tally to $13.8M. It has a cume of $70.5M now after six weeks. There are 53 mmarkets now open including China which bowed this week to $4.8M from 2,538 screens. Germany was the next best opener at $1.67M on 609. Australia and Mexico are the top markets with $9.7M and $7.3M.

Star Wars The Force Awakens 2In its 7th weekend, TFA added a better than expected $13.5M (up from the estimated $12.6M) offshore to bring the cume to $1.089B. The jump came from Japan where it’s holding as if in a tractor beam and dropped just 6% from last frame. The global total is now $1.984.5B with expectations The Force will be strong enough to reach the $2B mark in the coming weeks, becoming only the 3rd film in history to hit the milestone. The movie began to wind down over the week in China and will wrap in earnest this coming week with Kung Fu Panda 3 now dominating play and the Lunar New Year blackout looming. The Top 5 market breakdowns are thus: UK ($176.5M), China ($121.1M), Germany ($106.2M), France ($86.4M) and Japan ($83.4M). In the latter, it’s the No. 1 Western title for the 7th consecutive weekend.

With a $9M weekend that included a strong Germany bow and 25 territories reporting, The Hateful Eight now has a $63.8M international cume. The No. 1 start in Germany brought $3.9M, including previews. That was 24% higher than Inglourious Basterds in local currency. Austria also opened No. 1 with $513K. In its 2nd frame in Australia, TH8 was No. 4 with $850K (including the 70mm previews) and a total of $4M. France is holding tight with an $11.4M total after four frames. The Netherlands ($3M cume) and New Zealand ($447K), saw drops off less than 40%. The UK is the No. 2 market at $10M and Scandinavia now has a total $6.9M.

Sylvester Stallone takes time to play with a neighborhood kid on set of the new Rocky movie "Creed" in Philadelphia, PAWith a strong $7.65M in its purse this weekend, Warner Bros’ drama from Ryan Coogler now has an offshore cume of $51.9M. Spain punched up a No. 1 debut, well ahead of fellow openers and holdovers, and grossing $1.6M on 316 screens. Mexico rang up $1M from 1,027 screens, outperforming Rocky Balboa by 4% and well-positioned to take advantage of the national holiday on Monday. France’s 3rd round saw Creed surpass the lifetime of Rocky Balboa by 13%. With an additional $1.8M, the cume is $9.9M making this the top offshore market. The UK ($7.7M), Italy ($5.7M), Australia ($5.1M) and Japan ($3.3M) are the rest of the Top 5.

Paramount’s Oscar nominee cashed in with $6.6M from 53 markets in the frame. Holdovers have been strong with a $41.7M cume to date. The UK dropped 22% from opening with $4.3M total after 10 days. Korea picked up $683K in a competitive market for a $2.3M cume after two frames. Spain dipped 39% for a sophomore session of $655K and a $2.1M cume, and Venezuela dipped 19% for a total of $1.5M so far. Australia has cumed $3.7M.

daddys homeMark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell have lifted their second outing together to an international cume of $68M. The Paramount comedy picked up $6.7M in 46 markets this frame including a No. 1 debut in Mexico. With $2.1M from 700 cinemas, the result is 244% above studio comps Dumb & Dumber To, 90% above The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and 59% over Spy. This marks Paramount’s biggest ever opening for a comedy and is the top bow for an original comedy in the market; Ferrell’s best start and Wahlberg’s 2nd. In Brazil, the records were similar with $767K delivering the biggest opening for a Paramount comedy, the top Ferrell opening ever and the 3rd biggest bow for Wahlberg. Cumes elsewhere are UK ($24.1M), Germany ($1.3M) and Australia ($15M). More markets roll out in March.

With a $5.3M frame in 27 territories, the international total on Universal’s sequel is $18M. This week, it will pass the offshore lifetime of the first Ride Along. Sweden, Norway, German-speaking Switzerland, Panama, Central America and Peru were new plays this weekend. Sweden notably was a No. 5 bow with $221K at 45 dates. That’s off the back of a publicity tour in Stockholm and gave Kevin Hart his best-ever local debut. Hart and Ice Cube have made the rounds of chat shows in Europe over the past few weeks and are seeing particular success in the UK where RA2 is No. 3 this week and has a $5.9M total after 10-days; 28% ahead of Ride Along. Germany is also holding well with a $2.6M cume. There are 20 more territories to release including the Netherlands this week. Australia bows February 18.

In its continued release, Point Break generated $3.1M from 49 markets this weekend. That takes the Lionsgate and Warner Bros international cume to date to $88M ($39.4M of which was from the early China release). Lionsgate is releasing overseas on behalf of Alcon. Warner Bros also has some markets and picked up $958K this frame. Italy was a new bow this session with $1.5M from 421 screens, ranking No. 3 behind Universal’s local title L’Abbiamo Fatta Grossa and Fox’s The Revenant. France and the UK are this week with Japan on February 20.

Grossing an estimated $3M in 29 territories this weekend, the period drama raised its international total to $24.3M. There were seven more markets opened in the frame with Russia tops at $95K, followed by New Zealand at $84K. There are 29 territories to go — notably Denmark bows this weekend on the heels of Alicia Vikander’s Best Supporting Actress SAG Award.

In its remaining holdover markets, Peanuts picked up another $2.63M. Family market Brazil had a good 3rd weekend hold. It added $831K to take the cume to $6.7M. The international total is now $113.1M.

Fox’s Joy swept up another $2.55M over the weekend to take its cume to $39.8M. Italy was a new play on 323 screens with $1.2M. The Brazil holdover was $300K for a $998K total.

Lionsgate’s Vin Diesel-starrer added $1.3M in three markets to bring the offshore to $113M. It’s still playing in China where the cume is $25.7M. The next biggest is Russia with $9.7M, followed by Brazil at $8.9M.

'Room' is a journey out of darkness, director saysRoom star Brie Larson won the Best Actress prize at SAG last night. This weekend, the film cornered $1M in 15 territories for an estimated cume to date of $4.86M. Universal releases in six Latin America markets were worth $142K. That takes the Universal total to $412K. In Australia, it debuted at No. 3 among new openers with $296K. Studiocanal is releasing in the UK where the 3rd weekend was $526K and the cume is now $3.76M. In the territory, it has surpassed the lifetimes of Whiplash, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Mud, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

SistersCrossing $100M worldwide today, Universal’s Tina Fey/Amy Poehler comedy had an $823K weekend in 24 territories. The offshore total is now $15M with $101.1M globally since it began rollout in mid-December alongside Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are still 19 more openings planned including the Philippines, Germany, Switzerland and Austria in early February.

The Johnny Depp starring mob picture opened in Japan this past weekend to gross $958K from 265 screens. Distributor Warner Bros noted that its opening weekend was higher than the debut of other comp pictures, including Prisoners (+12%), Inside Man (+29%), Zodiac (+40%) and The Equalizer (+46%). The international cume is $34.1M.

Oscar nominee Bridge Of Spies added $586K in 17 markets, lifting the international cume to $90.5M. The film has been released in all of its offshore territories with Italy ($11.7M cume), Japan ($5.44M) and Spain ($9.4M) continuing to play.

Slipping into the international Top 10 this week, Brazil‘s The Ten Commandments: The Movie (Os Dez Mandamentos) rode an evangelical swell to gross $6.25M. It’s based on a local soap opera and hit presales of about 3M tickets ahead of the Thursday bow, according to reports, then 2M in its first two days, besting the record for a local pic which was set by Elite Squad 2 in 2010. That film went on to become the biggest ever in Brazilian history with over $62M. The opening is the 4th best ever, behind three Hollywood blockbusters: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Down Part 2, Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Furious 7.

In Italy, odd couple comedy L’Abbiamo Fatta Grossa, released by Universal locally, took a strong $3.7M at opening to land the No. 1 spot for the weekend at 425 dates. Carlo Verdone directs and stars with Antonio Albanese.

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