Richard Linklater Returns To Sundance, And This Time He’s Onscreen Too – Sundance Studio

Indie auteur Richard Linklater was at the Sundance Film Festival again this year, but this time around his face was onscreen as well: The director is the subject of a beautiful 90-minute doc called Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny produced and directed by the Slacker director’s longtime friend Louis Black and Karen Bernstein. The documentary is a look at the career and life of the Sundance favorite, whose second feature, Slacker, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize way back in 1991. Here, Linklater talks about being on camera rather than behind one, while Bernstein and Black, co-founder of the South by Southwest Film Festival, divulge the genesis of their bond with Linklater. The trio also get into some of the challenges of bringing this particular portrait of an artist to the screen.



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