Werner Herzog Says We “Don’t Know Yet” What VR Really Is – Sundance

“Famously, the Prussian war theoretician Clausewitz said, ‘Sometimes war seems to dream of itself,'” said Werner Herzog at the Sundance Film Festival in our DeadlineNow studio. “Now does the Internet dream of itself?” asked the Oscar nominee and Cannes winner, going straight to one of the themes of his new documentary Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World.

The nearly 100-minute film finds Herzog exploring the world and the ideas of our technologically entangled society and lives. Long a champion of experience, the director also talked to me about virtual reality, which is the primary thrust of the 10th anniversary of the fest’s New Frontier program this year. “We don’t know yet what it is,” he noted of the medium and its much touted future. “It is completely different, and we don’t know how to fill it with content.”

EP’d by Jim McNeil — who joined Herzog in our studio — Tennille Teague, Dave Arnold and David Moore, Lo And Behold debuted in Park City on January 23 and played on Sunday. The film screens tonight in Salt Lake City and again January 30.

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