Tina Fey’s Crazed Sarah Palin Makes Darrell Hammond’s Trump Look Sane – ‘Saturday Night Live’

The rest of New York City may have been shut down by winter storm Jonas, but Saturday Night Live went on in high style with an episode hosted by mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey and featuring musical guest Selena Gomez, who also showed up in several sketches. The voltage was turned up high from the outset, with a cold open featuring Tina Fey as always-welcome SNL visitor from another planet Sarah Palin, in a nod to the former Alaska governor and veepee Saturday Night Livecandidate’s endorsement this week of Republican front-runner Donald Trump. The twist, as delivered with giddy exuberance by Fey and a slow-burn by Darrell Hammond, was that as Palin spiraled further and further into outer spaciness, Trump expressed ever greater alarm. “He can kick ISIS’ ass,” Fey/Palin proclaimed, “because he commands fire!” To which Trump responded, in an aside to the camera, “I hope no one’s allergic to nuts, cuz we’ve got a big one here. She’s two Corinthians short of a Bible.” “Palin” closed by confiding that the only reason she made the endorsement was because Trump promised her a cabinet appointment. “I deserve to be in a cabinet,” she said, “because I’ve got plenty of spice and a big rack.”

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