Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Swiss Army Man’ Sees Filmgoers Heading For The Exits – Sundance

Playing a farting corpse turned out not to be a crowd pleaser for Daniel Radcliffe today. The premiere of the former Harry Potters Swiss Army Man saw dozens of patrons steadily streaming out of a sold-out Eccles Theatre on Friday. “I get what they were trying to do, but it just seemed pointless,” one insider who walked out of the pic told me afterwards.

Directed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, it co-stars Paul Dano as a desolate man stuck on a desert island who has a dead man (Radcliffe) wash up on shore one day. The directors joked about the film from the stage, calling it “a fart drama.” Among with a number of experimental elements and a very unique trip across the water, the film includes a kissing scene between the corpse and Dano’s character. “I should have just stayed in my condo and watched Weekend At Bernie’s,” the insider added, mentioning that scene. “At least that was funny.”

Swiss Army Man is in the U.S. Dramatic competition category and has five more screenings this Sundance.

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