Kevin Spacey Predicts Donald Trump Vs Frank Underwood Debate Outcome

Season 3 Netflix

Because Kevin Spacey plays President Frank Underwood in Netflix adaptation of House of Cards, naturally he got asked today, by CNBC Europe, for his thoughts on the presidential election cycle.

Speaking to CNBC Europe today, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kevin Spacey,  got asked about our presidential election cycle.

“It’s an extremely entertaining program. I look forward to it, you know, almost every night. Laugh a minute, so incredibly fun,” Spacey said in the interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Asked what subjects President Underwood would debate Donald Trump, Spacey responded, “He wouldn’t.”

“There would be a terrible accident on the way to the debate, and – it would be terrible, and very sad.”

One day earlier, Spacey took another version of same Trump-v-Underwood-debate question. Back then he responded,  “We must remember one important distinction: one of these characters is a fictional character, and the other is a fictional character,” CBS News reported.

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