Ex-Asgaard Execs Start Sales Rep Shingle Blue Fox Entertainment – Sundance

EXCLUSIVE: As filmmakers and others start piling into Park City today looking for deals and distribution at the Sundance Film Festival, a new sales representation and completion funding company is on the block that could help. Formed by James Huntsman and Todd Slater, Blue Fox Entertainment aims to place help indie filmmakers place their wares of a variety of genres with buyers for theatrical and digital release. They will also offer some dough to see filmmakers across the finish line if necessary.

“The expanding digital distribution platform is creating opportunities for more films to be seen by an ever-increasing audience,” says Huntsman, whose brother Jon was once Governor of Utah and had a short Presidential run in 2012. “But this can be confusing and frustrating for producers and directors who are unsure how to best sell and market their films. This is where we can help.”

And the former Asgaard executives already have a slate of sorts out of the gate with the Sigourney Weaver narrated documentary, All You Need Is Love about children living dangerously on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The L.A. based company also have Havenhurst from the producers of Saw and Amityville: The Awakening, Good Tidings, Nefas: The Demon Within, Portend, Cardinal Matter, and The Suffering.

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