Sports Comedy From LeBron James’ Uninterrupted Set For Go90

Scripted comedy series Now We’re Talking centers on the personal rivalry between two former pro football quarterbacks trying to embark on post-athletic careers as sportscasters. The original series from LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s Uninterrupted multimedia sports and entertainment network and Warner Bros’ Blue Ribbon Content will premiere this spring on mobile video platform go90. Production on the seven-episode series is set to begin this week in Los Angeles.

Created, executive produced by and starring Tommy Dewey and  Tug Coker, Now We’re Talking also will feature a number of professional athletes and sportssters in guest star and cameo roles.

In Now We’re Talking, the careers of former quarterbacks Tug Tanner (Coker) and Tommy Arondall (Dewey) peaked early, and now they find themselves falling from the top of their game to the bottom of their class in sports broadcasting school. The series will take a comedic look at Tug and Tommy’s post-football relationship, with the former adversaries now forced to work together to try to find success on a new playing field. They stumble at first but soon begin to help each other attempt to find some dignity in a not-so-dignified world.

The cast also includes Malcolm Barrett, Molly Ephraim, Fred Melamed, Kevin Bigley and Eamon Sheehan.

Now We’re Talking is directed by Joe Nussbaum and written by Coker & Dewey, who executive produce along with Uninterrupted’s CEO Maverick Carter and President Jamal Henderson, as well as Jennifer Gore and Nikki Kessler.



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