‘Grace And Frankie’ Star Lily Tomlin On Aging Gracefully: “Denial” – TCA

The cast and creatives of Grace and Frankie took the stage at today’s TCA and added some laughs to a usually tranquil room.  Although not much was revealed about season 2, star Jane Fonda offered a tidbit on her new love interest, played by Sam Elliot.

“At the end of season one this woman that I really have disdain for… she tells me to solve my problem about men by vlogging.  This name comes into my head unconsciously, Phil. In season 2, we discover Phil is Sam Elliott but it takes a while to figure that out.” Fonda further details, “it gets really complicated and kind of wonderful.” Amy Madigan  is also set to guest star as Sam’s wife.

Fonda described their onscreen romance as “really sexy and really sad and complicated but it’s also very funny.” Speaking of, during the discussion, a reporter revealed that Elliot, who was on stage a few hours prior,  had mentioned his “huge” crush on Fonda when she starred in the movie Klute, to which Fonda responds, “I wanted you to say he had a crush on me from season 2…who wouldn’t have a crush on me back then, I want him to have a crush on me now.”

The show reunites Tomlin and Fonda, who worked together on the film 9 to 5, along with Dolly Parton. When asked about the possibility of having Parton on the show, Kauffman was hesitant saying “Season 2 is not the right time. Here’s the deal, I feel we’re still creating a world and the world is Grace and Frankie… the minute you bring Dolly Parton, who I love by the way, it’s 9 to 5 no matter what you do.” However, the it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future.  The Friends creator did say it’s not completely out of the question. “I’ll never say never. No that’s not true because I will say there will never be a Friends reunion movie but I will not say never on Dolly Parton.”

The panel continued along this vein, with plenty of laughs. At the end, pegged with a question about how they’ve managed to age with “grace and gusto”, Fonda proclaimed it’s “health, attitude, and gusto”, while Tomlin dryly quipped “denial.”

Sam Waterston and Howard Morris (Executive Producer and Co-Creator) rounded out the panel.


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