‘Jessica Jones’ Showrunner On Season 2: “I Just Want It To Be About Her Character” – TCA

Given that Daredevil was renewed two weeks after the show’s April premiere, you’d be forgiven for thinking that its successor, the hugely acclaimed Jessica Jones, was similarly fast-tracked for a second season. But only this morning did Netflix finally announce that Jessica Jones season 2 was a go.

As it turns out, the show’s cast and producers were as in-the-dark as us hoi polloi, or so they insisted this morning during the show’s TCA panel. “We learned about the pickup when you guys learned about it,” said co-executive producer Jeph Loeb early on in the panel. “We’re still in the stage of ‘YAY!'”

It’s tempting to think he’s being somewhat circumspect, but it seems the writing team led by series creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg haven’t even begun preliminary work on the new season. “I honestly don’t know, I have no idea,” she said about when the writers will get to work. “We’ll find out [soon] I’m sure.”

Unsurprisingly, this means the tone, plot and other details about the season remain largely unknown. What can be said is that it will continue to draw from the source material, Marvel’s comic series Alias, that was created and written by Brian Michael Bendis. “I will always use as much as I possibly can from the book,” says Rosenberg, albeit that’s within the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Jessica Jones takes place. Though Jessica Jones adapts a considerable amount of Alias, several changes, among them the decision to kill off Kilgrave, were made for the series.

“The MCU is very different in terms of its mythology from the [comics],” Rosenberg explained, citing the varying approaches between the comics and film versions of the Civil War storyline. “We’re probably not going to be able to do parallel storylines, but I take every little piece I can.”

Speaking of, will the show tie into the greater events of Captain America: Civil War in some way? As you’ve no doubt guessed, the answer is Ask Again Later. Rosenberg doesn’t know what’s going to happen in that film, or how it will impact her show.

Of course, in addition to her second season, the character Jessica Jones is assumed to play some role in the upcoming Luke Cage Netflix series. The two are married in the comics and as such became uneasy lovers during the first season. Both are confirmed to appear in Marvel’s upcoming Defenders crossover series, but, alas, as with all Future Jessica Jones questions, the creators and producers don’t yet know what’s coming for Luke Cage. In other words, cool your jets, true believers.

One thing that is known is that Rosenberg intends not to fix what isn’t broken, and the series will continue to feature strong emphasis on Jones’ development. “I think I just want it to be about her character. She’s a very damaged character, and that damage goes beyond Kilgrave. There’s a lot to mine from in her backstory and into her present day situation.”

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