‘Master Of None’ Co-Creators Talk “Personal” First Season, Possible Season 2 – TCA

Given the critical praise and audience support for Season 1 of Aziz Ansari’s semi-autobiographical Netflix sitcom Master of None, a follow-up season is a fait accompli, right? So how long before we actually see Ansari back in action? “We want to go through some life experiences and put that into the show,” co-creator Alan Yang said at a TCA panel today.

Certainly the TCA audience assumed the show will be back, and Ansari all but confirmed another season while dodging the matter of timing. “I think we’re figuring that out,” he said. “I definitely need some time to refill my head. The first season was so personal, I just wanna make sure whatever we do for season 2 lives up to what we did in the first season.”

Ansari definitely seemed content with his new home base. “I really had such a great experience partnering with Netflix, working with that whole group of people. We’d love to do it, we’re figuring it out.”

Drawing from the life experiences of both Yang and Ansari, Master of None presents a realistic look at relationships, sex and friendships, while also digging deep into hot button topics such as minorities in entertainment, rape culture, and the relationships between first generation immigrants and their adult children.

Much of the show’s topical material came from concepts Ansari first explored in his stand up routine and the book he wrote. Other material came from his personal life. “Like the episode ‘Indians on TV,’ when [Ansari’s character Dev] is asked to do an accent, that’s something that definitely happened to me when I was starting out,” Ansari said.

Similarly, Yang drew from his past work. “I think I did a pilot for NBC years ago that was about the relationship between a father and son, and part of the seeds of that ended up in the ‘Parents’ episode… we really put a lot of aspects of our lives into the show,” he says.

Having so much to work with, the pair put it all into the show. “Alan and I were like ‘we’re not holding anything back, any idea we have we’ve got to put it in, we don’t know if we’ll have this opportunity again’,” Ansari explained. “We really dumped everything we had, all our best stuff so the well is kind of empty now.”


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