Judd Apatow Shoots Down Too-Much-TV Argument During Netflix’ ‘Love’ Panel – TCA

While some TV network execs may be giving the too-much-TV talk, Judd Apatow disagrees. “It’s an amazing time for showrunners and creators because there is an enormous need for shows,” Apatow told TV critics at today’s TCA. “Even six or seven years ago it felt like a lot of my friends were out of work, and there were not a lot of sitcoms, and suddenly the whole world seemed to open up and demand groundbreaking television.”

“These services are unlike networks,” said Apatow, sitting on the Netflix panel. “They’re much more interested in doing things that have never been done before.”

Earlier this month, Netflix announced it would debut all 10 half-hour episodes of Apatow’s new comedy series Love on February 19. The streaming service ordered a 10-episode first season and 12-episode second season of Love, the first series created by Apatow in a decade.

Created, written and executive produced by Apatow, Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin, Love follows nice guy Gus (Rust) and brazen wild-child Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) as they navigate the intimacy, commitment, love and other things they were hoping to avoid.

The streaming model, Apatow said, “takes the desperation out of development and the creative process.” He added, “We should all be happy its happened.”

Asked why he wanted to create this project for TV rather than as a movie, Apatow said, “In a TV show, you’re allowed to show all the nuance, and show happy moments and moments in melancholy. It’s much more truthful, because you don’t have to tie it up with a bow.”

During a lull in the Q&A, Apatow took a moment to chat about another hot-button show. “Do you think Steven Avery did it?,” Apatow joked about Netflix’s much-discussed controversial docu-series Making a Murderer. “He’s in the green room right now.”

“Nice Guy. Down to earth,” chimed in Paul Rust.

“He fixed my car,” said Apatow.


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