‘You’re The Worst’ Shines Light (And Laughs) On A Dark Topic – TCA

Playing the depressed, emotionally toxic heroine of FXX’s You’re The Worst wasn’t so tough during filming, said series costar Aya Cash at the show’s TCA panel today. But then the post-tramautic blues kicked in. “I actually didn’t have a hard time while we were shooting,” said Cash, sharing the stage with You’re The Worst costars Chris Geere and Desmin Borges, and creator Stephen Falk. “But I went into a dark depression after we shot and while it was airing. It was so interesting to be, like, ‘What’s happening to me?’”

Falk didn’t (or maybe couldn’t) reveal too much about the upcoming season 3, noting that the writers had only just finished “arcing out the entire season for all four character.” The show will return this summer or fall.

“We’re going to see a continuum from season 2,” Falk said. “We’re trying hard not to top this season in terms of some issues we were dealing with, like depression. It’s a very seductive idea but it would feel like we’re trying too hard. We’re continuing with the fallout from last season, always moving the characters forward – and maybe some of them will fall. We don’t know everything yet.”

The series focuses on two self-destructive lovers, Gretchen (Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) who attempt to maintain a relationship while battling (or not) their demons. Cash said viewer response to her character, who it was revealed suffers from clinical depression in season 2, has been “really supportive and lovely. There’s a history of depression in my family…I was nervous because I feel like this is something that I have witnessed and I wanted to do it justice. I believed in the writing so it was just about not screwing it up.”

Not that depression is one size fits all. “There are people who are like ‘this is not my depression,’ and I respect that as well. I feel like this is an accuratre representation of one type of clinical depression.”

Falk said that the new season might proceed from the season 2 finale’s declarations of love between Gretchen and Jimmy. “If it holds, and it may not hold. But right now we will start season 3 right after that scene. We thought it would be interesting to start with ‘I love you’ and literally see what happens when they walk back to the house.”


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