‘Crowded’ Contemplates Why Millennials Won’t Move Out – TCA

“Thirty one percent of millennials are living at home now. The most interesting fact: about 80% of them are fine with it – they’re happy to be at home and living with their parents,” says Crowded writer/EP Suzanne Martin, who said the problem is “the core issue” of the new NBC comedy, based on her own experience.

“We were so sad when our girls left home, and so happy a month after. After college they moved back in again.” She ticked off more statistics: “In England, it’s one out of four. In Italy it’s 80% but I think it’s economic to a certain extent. But even as the economy is improving, each year the numbers are going up.”

Martin blamed her generation. “We made our kids our friends and the whole time we were doing it, people were saying ‘Don’t do that’,” she said. Martin also blamed – American Idol. Thanks to the long-running Fox hit, she said, “millennials dream of being famous and to be a singer, and there are not that many jobs like that out there. We created this whole thing and now we have to live with it.”

Series star Patrick Warburton says he has four children, some grown, living at home, and four dogs. Miranda Cosgrove, who plays one of his daughters on the series, says she has her own house, but “I actually do live with my parents, about 99% of the time. I only threaten to go home if I have an argument,” she said. Asked to explain why, the 20-something Cosgrove said, “I just love my parents,” adding, “I have my childhood room and it’s nice to be able to have that.”

This Q&A marked maybe the first time a panelist on stage had a laptop during the session. Typically the cast and creators of a TV series who take the TCA stage to plug their product come unglued to varying degrees upon realizing that while they are saying interesting and witty things, the sea of journalists in the room have their noses in their laptops, tappity-tap-tapping away.  Today, Crowded EP Sean Hayes turned the tables.

One reporter wanted to know why Hayes had the laptop.

“I’m blogging about you guys,” he responded simply.

“What have you been saying?” the reporter asked.

“You’ll have to read it,” he said.

“Where can we find it?” the reporter pressed.

“You’ll have to find it,” he responded.

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