‘Catastrophe’ Spurns Baby Talk But Carrie Fisher Gets More Screen Time – TCA

Don’t expect to see much of Sharon and Rob’s baby in the next season of Amazon’s Catastrophe. “We wanted children to essentially be scenery,” co-creator and star Rob Delaney reassured anxious TV critics at TCA this morning of his comedy series about a couple in love in London. The second season will not focus on child-rearing but on the couple’s struggles to stay in lust while attempting marriage, and parenthood.

“We also have a deep fear of child actors” and their parents, added co-creator/star Sharon Horgan.

On the other hand, do expect to see more of Carrie Fisher as Rob’s eBay obsessed and “card-carrying sadist” mother – now Sharon’s mother-in-law. Casting Fisher in the first season was a “pipe dream that came true” Horgan said, after seeing Fisher present an award in London. “She was so witty and fun we decided she had to play Rob’s mom and sent her the script.” According to Horgan, Fisher showed up having no real idea what she was turning up for, but  thinking she’d get some shopping done in London.  Response to her was so enthusiastic they decided to “do more of her” in the second season of episodes.  “It was so exciting watching her in Star Wars knowing she’d been in our shows.” At the start of the second season, they’re back home with the baby and decide on an ill-considered party to get the introductions complete in one hit. Unfortunately for Sharon, the gathering coincides with a visit from Mom.

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