TV Academy Hires Breakwhitelight PR Firm To Handle Emmys & More

The Television Academy has retained PR firm breakwhitelight to handle public relations duties for the Emmys, the Hall of Fame, TV Academy Honors, membership events and Emmy magazine.

This expands breakwhitelight’s responsibilities it has had for the past two years, which have focused on the Academy’s corporate communications strategies and other issues, including the Academy’s rollout of online voting last year and rules changes.

The breakwhitelight firm was founded a decade ago by veteran Universal Studios and Warner Bros. publicity executive Jim Yeager.

“The breakwhitelight team has provided valuable insight, working with us to develop strategic communications programs that have served us well with both our membership and press,” said Maury McIntyre, President and COO of the Television Academy.

PMK-BNC recently concluded six years conducting media relations for the Television Academy. “We are grateful to the entire PMK*BNC team for all the work they have done to elevate our brand,” said Maury McIntyre.

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