Awards Hopefuls ‘Anomalisa’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Carol’, ‘Brooklyn’ Solid; Newcomers ‘Anesthesia’, ‘Treasure’ OK: Specialty B.O.

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Carol, Spotlight, Room, Brooklyn, The Danish Girl, Anomalisa, Mustang, Son Of Saul and other specialties currently in release have been doing well in the runup to last night’s Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar nominations Thursday. Paramount’s stop-motion animated feature Anomalisa had the second-highest per theater average in the box office this weekend across 17 cinemas. Both early November openers, Open Road’s Spotlight has been ahead of Brooklyn for most of their runs, though in the last couple of weeks, their positions reversed. In the current weekend, Searchlight’s Brooklyn‘s PTA was slightly ahead of Spotlight’s but it’s playing in fewer theaters. The Weinstein Company gave its Carol its biggest expansion to date, and the film is holding its own in 525 locations. Among openers, IFC Films bowed Sam Waterston-Kristen Stewart drama Anesthesia in an exclusive New York run and on-demand with decent box office, while its Sundance Selects label opened The Treasure with lower results. And The Orchard opened Ross Partridge’s Lamb in two locations to a slow $3,150.

BrooklynBrooklyn has been experiencing something of a box office resurgence the past couple weeks, likely due in part to the performance of Saoirse Ronan. She had had been nominated for Best Actress – Drama but lost to Larson. In its 10th weekend in release, the film actually played to more locations vs. the previous week. The feature, directed by John Crowley, grossed $1.05 million in 294 locations for a $3,571 average. Last weekend, it grossed $1.3 million in 285 theaters. Brooklyn has now over cumed $22.43 million.

CarolTWC added 336 theaters for Todd Haynes’ Carol, which led the pack with five nominations Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director for Haynes and dueling noms for Cate Blanchett in the title role and Rooney Mara as the recipient of her affections in the Best Actress – Drama category. Carol held OK in expansion, grossing $1.474 million in 525 theaters, averaging $2,808. Last week the feature grossed over $1.21 million in 189 theaters, averaging $6,429. Carol‘s 8-week total is now just shy of $7 million.

Fox’s The Revenant, which earned Globes for Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor plus Best Picture, both in the Drama category, expanded wide this weekend to 3,375 theaters from 4. For more information on The Revenant, see Anthony D’Allesandro’s national box office report.

Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl

Credit: Focus Features

Focus Features’ The Danish Girl  in its seventh frame shed 32 runs from the previous weekend, grossing $826K, down 45% percent from last weekend’s $1.507 million gross in 449 theaters. The Danish Girl averaged $1,981 over the weekend and has cumed over $7.58 million.

Open Road’s Spotlight remains an Oscar hopeful, and Brie Larson won a Globe for Best Actress in a Drama in A24’s Room. Like its fellow early November opener Brooklyn, Spotlight added theaters vs. the previous weekend for its 10th frame. Spotlight grossed $941,499 in 368 theaters, averaging $2,558. Last weekend the title grossed over $1.2 million, averaging $3,129. Spotlight has cumed over $28.55 million.



A24’s Room is the longest running specialty title with 13 weeks in release. The film is still holding its own, heading into its fourth month in theaters. Room grossed just over $138K in 88 theaters, averaging $1,569. It has now cumed over $5.18 million.

Sony Pictures Classics’ Son Of Saul took the Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. It and fellow nominee Cohen Media Group’s Mustang are still in U.S. theaters. Directed by László Nemes, Hungarian-language Son Of Saul grossed $28,250 in its fourth weekend, averaging just over $7K. It has cumed nearly $205K. Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s Mustang grossed $21,774 in 14 theaters in its 8th weekend, averaging $1,555. The Turkish-language feature has cumed over $222K.

Anesthesia movie posterThe weekend’s specialty openers were overshadowed at the box office by awards-contenders. IFC Films’ drama Anesthesia starring Sam Waterston and Kristen Stewart played exclusively in one New York location, grossing $7,200, though the title, directed by Tim Blake Nelson, is also available on-demand. The company said the feature played to sold-out shows at IFC Center in Greenwich Village. IFC Films will take Anesthesia to Los Angeles next weekend, with Chicago, Seattle and other top markets set to open January 29. IFC’s Sundance Selects label rolled out The Treasure by Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu in a trio of locations, also in a day and date theatrical/VOD release. It grossed $15,636, averaging $5,212. Sundance Selects will open the feature in other top markets January 22 and 29.

The Orchard bowed director-writer-actor Ross Partridge’s Lamb with Scoot McNairy, Jess Weixler and Tom Bower in three locations with a slow start. Lamb grossed $3,150, averaging $1,575. The Orchard said Sunday the feature will launch in on-demand platforms Tuesday and will expand theatrically to 50-plus locations in the top 30 markets next Friday.

Among second weekend holdovers, Paramount’s Anomalisa played 13 additional theaters in its second weekend, holding strong with a $221K gross in 17, giving the title the weekend’s second-highest overall PTA at $13K. The average slightly exceeds fellow nominee Room‘s second-weekend average of $10,856 in its second weekend. Anomalisa‘s two-week come is now over $490K.

Chimes at MidnightJanus Film’s restoration of Orson Welles’ Chimes At Midnight (1965) was technically the weekend’s highest PTA, though it was only in a single theater. With Welles as Falstaff, the feature also starring Jeanne Moreau, John Gielgud and Fernando Rey grossed $19K. It has cumed $53,824.

Sundance Selects added 3 runs for 45 Years‘ third frame holding solidly. The film starring Charlotte Rampling grossed $90,567 for a robust $10,063 average. The Andrew Haigh-directed title has cumed $354,716.

China Lion’s Mr. Six has now become the boutique distributor’s highest-grossing title in its third weekend. The feature grossed $118,434, averaging $3,701, giving it a cume of over $1.3 million. The company’s previous box office winner, Goodbye Mr. Loser, grossed over $1.29 million.


Anesthesia (IFC Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $7,200
Lamb (The Orchard) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $3,150, Average $1,575
The Treasure (Sundance Selects) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $15,636, Average $5,212


Chimes At Midnight (Janus Films) Week 2 [1 Theater] Weekend $19K, Cume $53,824
Anomalisa (Paramount) Week 2 [17 Theaters] Weekend $221K, Average $13K, Cume $490,532
Devil And Angel (China Lion) Week 2 [9 Theaters] Weekend $26K, Average $2,888, Cume $107,933


45 Years45 Years (Sundance Selects) Week 3 [9 Theaters] Weekend $90,567, Average $10,063, Cume $354,716
Mr. Six (China Lion) Week 3 [32 Theaters] Weekend $118,434, Average $3,701, Cume $1,306,386
Son Of Saul (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 4 [4 Theaters] Weekend $28,250, Average $7,063, Cume $204,868
Hitchcock/Truffaut (Cohen Media Group) Week 6 [17 Theaters] Weekend $10,775, Average $639, Cume $223,488
Youth (Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [95 Theaters] Weekend $190K, Average $2K, Cume $2,003,346
The Danish Girl (Focus Features) Week 7 [417 Theaters] Weekend $826K, Average $1,981, Cume $7,586,305
Janis: Little Girl Blue (FilmRise) Week 7 [9 Theaters] Weekend $21K, Average $2,333, Cume $304,768
Carol (The Weinstein Company) Week 8 [525 Theaters] Weekend $1,474,000, Average $2,808, Cume $6,992,293
spotlightMustang (Cohen Media Group) Week 8 [14 Theaters] Weekend $21,774, Average $1,555, Cume $222,298
Brooklyn (Fox Searchlight) Week 10 [294 Theaters] Weekend $1,050,000, Average $3,571, Cume $22,433,959
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict (Submarine Deluxe) Week 10 [10 Theaters] Weekend $17,804, Average $1,780, Cume $420,299
Spotlight (Open Road Films) Week 10 [368 Theaters] Weekend $941,499, Average $2,558, Cume $28,559,505
Trumbo (Bleecker Street) Week 10 [90 Theaters] Weekend $106,656, Average $1,186, Cume $7,206,120
Room (A24) Week 13 [88 Theaters] Weekend $138,072, Average $1,569, Cume $5,188,976

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