‘Revenant’ Traps $20.5M, ‘Hateful 8’ Takes $17M In Overseas Bows – Intl B.O. Final

cinemaworldUPDATE, TUESDAY AM PT: While Star Wars: The Force Awakens continued on its international trajectory to win a fourth weekend in a row, Alejandro G Inarritu’s Earthbound The Revenant came out the winning newcomer at offshore cinemas. The Monday actual of $20.5M on 2,407 screens was slightly higher than Sunday’s projection.

Bolstered by a stampede at the Golden Globes on Sunday, the film should continue to play strongly overseas and is already tracking well ahead of Inarritu’s previous titles. The Revenant is a different beast than last year’s Oscar winner Birdman, to be sure, but that film released at the same time of year and winged in off immense international fall festival buzz — on its way to a Best Picture Oscar. The Revenant has already overtaken its lifetime in key markets like Russia and Germany. It’s also tracking higher than Babel, Inarritu’s internationally-flavored drama which grossed $101M offshore way back in 2006 and is his bigggest overseas grosser to date. That ensemble movie had a hot star in Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio leads The Revenant which bested the starts of both his recent Wolf Of Wall Street and Django Unchained in Russia. Upcoming this frame, The Revenant rides to the UK and Korea.

The No. 3 movie of the weekend, The Hateful Eight, from Django helmer Quentin Tarantino, also fared better in its actuals. With $17M including previews, Tarantino’s ensemble holed up in 20 territories and had overlap with The Revenant only in Russia where it settled for 4th place. Per-screen averages on the high end ranged from $7K+ in France to $10K+ in the UK where it was No. 1 and 2, respectively. Rollout continues this week in Spain, Australia and some smaller markets. Australia is keeping with the U.S. however and will go wide on January 21, after a week of runs in 70mm only.

Overall, the Top 3 titles in the frame saw a 31% increase versus last year when Night At The Museum 3, Taken 3 and The Hobbit 3 were leading the markets. Across the Top 10, including studio movies and local-language releases, the session was up about 23%. Next week sees the animated Boonie Bears threequel enter China as TFA continues its run. Disaster pic The 5th Wave also begins swirling for Sony; and Universal’s Ride Along 2 revs up in smaller markets. The Big Short and Creed are among notable expansions.

(Kinsey Lowe updated all figures below to reflect Monday actuals)

UPDATE, MONDAY 3:10 PM PT: Star Wars: The Force Awakens leads the pack again this weekend in its fourth consecutive orbit. TFA‘s frame, as reported in-depth here, was worth a final $104M thanks in large part to a hefty Saturday/Sunday China bow of about $52.6M which helps put it squarely on track toward the $1B overseas mark. Landing at Nos. 2 and 3 Chinese Star Wars The Force Awakensare new entries, both westerns, from lauded auteurs. Alejandro G Inarritu’s The Revenant clawed a bear-sized $20.5M from 18 markets; and Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight captured a higher-than-projected $17M in 19 territories.

The rest of the play continued with family films, prestige titles and comedies all in expansion and/or holdover. Notable among them, The Good Dinosaur had a good Korea bow at No. 1 while the heavily BAFTA-nominated Bridge Of Spies has now crossed $80M. Spectre, meanwhile, has beaten Skyfall in some key markets — even as Skyfall was bested in Britain this week by The Force Awakens. (More on all those titles and others below.)

sherlock chinese posterSpeaking of famous Brits, Sherlock Holmes had a distinguished run at overseas multiplexes this week. In an unusual theatrical release for a BBC/Masterpiece series, holiday special Sherlock: The Abominable Bride grossed $9M in six territories this weekend for a total of $28M internationally. The special aired simultaneously in the U.S. and UK on January 1 and then rolled out in various markets throughout last weekend and this week, notably grossing about $20M in China.

With Star Wars now in China, and the next blackout period not beginning until February, this was the first weekend in a while that we didn’t see major action for Middle Kingdom movies at the top of the offshore chart. Nevertheless, last week’s champ, Detective Chinatown, has now grossed $93M and December blackout champ Mojin – The Lost Legend, is closing in on $250M. Also among local titles, Italian blockbuster Quo Vado? added $11.5M this frame to take the cume to a fantastico $52M.

Here’s a closer look at the studio titles in the overseas marketplace:

Oscar-winning Birdman helmer Inarritu’s dark western — which last night earned Golden Globes for Best Picture and Actor – Drama and for Best Director — gave The Force Awakens a run for its bounty domestically and proved its mettle overseas as well in its debut. With $20.5M on 2,407 screens in 18 markets, the Fox release dethroned Star Wars in a handful of plays with Russia the top market at $7.5M from 1,063 screens. That was 205% better than Django Unchained and 159% bigger than Wolf Of Wall Street, which both starred Revenant’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Germany ($4.6M from 475) and Australia ($2.9M from 216) both bowed at No. 2 behind TFA and comped strongly ahead of Inglourious Basterds and Wolf. Austria ($956K from 107), Switzerland ($883K from 65) and non-Fox Taiwan ($686K from 90) all were No. 1s. There are 12 of the top 15 markets yet to release including the UK next weekend where the film last week scored eight BAFTA nominations.

hateful eightWith 19 markets reporting, The Weinstein Co.’s The Hateful Eight collected $17M in its offshore opening. The top play was France, where Tarantino is revered, with 644K admissions on about 634 screens for $4.6M and the No. 1 spot. The snowy showdown ensemble fell in 34% below Django Unchained and 22% under Inglourious Basterds. The UK was also a No. 1 play with $4.1M, or 5% below Django and 35% above Basterds. The Netherlands opened to $1.2M including previews; Belgium opened at No. 2 with $549K (also including previews); Brazil grossed $1.5M for No. 6 including previews; and Korea was No. 9 with $460K. In Scandinavia, H8 grossed $1.7M in wide release across Norway (No. 1) and Denmark (No. 3) and with a 70mm release in Sweden. Russia bowed at No. 5 with $1.25M with previews and including one 70mm print. While there is 70mm built into the offshore release pattern, the only territory to replicate the U.S.’ exclusive 70mm week prior to the wide release is Australia which gets the movie in the format on January 14 before going wide on January 21. Oz was among the Top 5 markets for Django, along with Germany, France, the UK, and Italy.

(Totals throughout have been updated with latest available numbers.)

Star Wars The Force Awakens Carrie FisherEntering its final market on Saturday, Disney/Lucasfilm’s supernova shot off with a $52.6M two-day China opening. That tops Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol as the biggest Saturday/Sunday Middle Kingdom debut of all time. The two-day weekend in IMAX was $8.1M. The PROC launch contributed to the full offshore weekend gross of $104M which makes TFA the No. 7 movie ever at the international box office with $921.2M to date. This week, it should move up to No. 5 of all time internationally with $1B in its sights. The global cume is now $1.734B making it the No. 3 title worldwide. For more milestones and a deeper look at China, see my separate reports, here and here.

good dinosaurDisney/Pixar’s animated dino tale accomplished in Korea what The Force Awakens did not: it opened at No. 1. In its 7th session, the international result was a much higher than expected $13.1M up from $12M, bringing the offshore total to $149.7M and the global cume to $267.1M. Korea‘s kickoff was $3.4M to become the 3rd biggest Pixar opening there, after Inside Out and Toy Story 3. Brazil opened with a big $3M, up from $2.7 estimated, to become the highest opening in admission in the country. It actually just passed Inside Out and Frozen for the honor. Australia ($7.6M) maintained a strong hold in the 3rd weekend with only a 37% drop. There are no major openings next weekend. Japan is up on March 12.

daddy's homeParamount comedy made another $10.9M this weekend in 30 markets, including 15 new openings. The international cume is now $38.7M. In the new plays, the Mark Wahlberg/Will Ferrell counter-programmer opened 121% above their last collaboration, The Other Guys. Russia bowed at No. 6 with $1.5M at 712 sites; Indonesia started at No. 3 with $367K in 108 cinemas; the UAE picked up $515K in 39; and in Sweden, where Ferrell has a sort of home field advantage, the take was $260K from 97 cinemas. In holds, the UK cume is now $17.4M after three sessions; Australia is at $10.8M; and Spain counts $1.5M. More overseas dates roll out over the next two months.

The animated Fox release sold another $8.6M worth of tickest this weekend, from 7,391 screens in 63 markets. The international cume is approaching the century mark with $92.1M through Sunday. Openings included Argentina ($669K on 235 screens), Peru ($503K on 155) and Chile ($353K from 119). Brazil opens next weekend during kids’ holidays.

JoyThere was no Joy at the BAFTA nominations on Friday, but the David O. Russell biopic picked up a Golden Globe last night for for Jennifer Lawrence in the title role as Best Actress – Comedy. And it cleaned up another $7.2M overseas this frame from 3,542 screens in 46 markets. The Fox pic’s offshore cume is now $23.7M. The UK now has a $5M total after holding well in the 2nd frame. New openers included Spain ($1.1M) and Mexico ($543K). There are 12 new markets experiencing Joy next weekend.

Buddying up to another $6.5M from 4,021 screens in 26 markets, Alvin and the gang now have grossed $36.9M. Fox notes this is driven primarily by solid holds in top markets like Mexico ($1.3M weekend/$5M cume), Brazil ($1.1M/$8.2M) and Australia ($979K/$6.3M). There are 10 major markets still to come including Russia next weekend.

the big shortParamount’s multi-BAFTA nominee grossed another $4.7M from 24 markets, including 15 new openings as it expands internationally. The overseas cume is now $9.7M. Par is comping to Up In The Air in the new markets where it is 14% above at open. Italy was a No. 3 bow with $1.9M at 310 locations and behind local blockbuster Quo Vado?. Mexico opened No. 7 with $461K at 344 cinemas and Argentina landed at No. 4 with $308K at 90. France, the first market where The Big Short opened three weeks ago, added $705K from 363 sites with a local cume of $4.4M to date. Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile and Germany are among next weekend’s openers.

With a leading nine BAFTA nominations on Friday, Fox’s Steven Spielberg drama drew another $3.9M this weekend on 1,854 screens. In 30 markets, the cume has now reached $81.1M. Japan spied a No. 2 welcome for the Tom Hanks-starrer with $1.45M from 348. Italy, despite the local competition, crossed $10M at the weekend with a total $10.3M to date.

316397id1_PointBreak_Jumpers_Intl_27x40_1Sheet.inddExpanding into Latin America, Alcon/DMG/Warner’s Point Break picked up another $8.5M from 58 markets bringing the international cume to $71.9M per Lionsgate which is handling the film for Alcon in many territories. Among WB markets, Mexico opened at No. 1 with $1.9M and 605K admissions on 1,750 screens. It outranked comps like Quantum Of Solace, Non-Stop, and Jack Reacher. PB came in at No. 1 ahead of Star Wars in Colombia with $610K. Venezuela took No. 1 with $122K to top Star Wars and debuts in Central America were worth $320K. Russia estimates put PB at $517K in its 3rd weekend, bringing the cume to $5.3M. This brings the WB international cume to $9.5M.  South Korea debuted with $1.2M from 406 screens. Global cume is $98.3M. Germany and Brazil open later this month followed by France, the UK and Japan.

Sisters Tina Fey and Amy PoehlerTina Fey and Amy Poehler’s sister act for Universal added some key territories this frame and partied to $3.2M in a total 19. The early international total is $8.04M. Combined with the estimated U.S. cume of $73.9M, the worldwide gross on the comedy is $81.9M. Australia opened with a strong $2.3M at 239 dates, placing it No. 3 behind Star Wars and The Revenant. Summer school holidays continue there for the next few weeks, setting the pic up well. Uni says early numbers are great in Trinidad, Croatia and Ukraine; updates will be available Monday. The UK, meanwhile, has a 22-day total of $3.9M. The ladies bring the house party to Russia frame.


Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl
Credit: Focus Features

Hot off five BAFTA nominations including Best British Film, Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl added eight territories this frame, drawing $3M in box office across 10 total. The international total for the Universal release is $6.87M. The UK held very well with $1.8M for a 10-day total of $5.4M; word of mouth is working and the BAFTA nods were also a positive. Portugal’s cume is now $301K. In a limited bow, Germany grossed $663K at 166 hubs, on par with The Theory Of Everything last year. German-speaking Switzerland also bowed with $230K at 35 dates, and Austria picked up $38K at 13. Singapore was good for $102K on 12 screens.

James Bond still has gas in the Aston Martin with $3.4M in 53 Sony and MGM markets this weekend on over 2,000 screens. The international cume now stands at $673.7M. Germany has been a highlight all along and has now passed Skyfall‘s lifetime with $71.8M after 10 frames. Japan likewise has seen Spectre zoom past Skyfall with a total $22.6M. In the Netherlands, Spectre with a cume of $21.5M is now the 2nd highest grossing film behind Titanic.

In The Heart Of The Sea (WB): $1.9M weekend; intl cume $63.2M
Babysitting 2 (Uni): $1.2M weekend; intl cume $20.7M
Hotel Transylvania 2 (Sony): $998K weekend; intl cume $297.8M.
Spanish Affairs 2 (Uni): $683K; intl cume $36.6M
Crimson Peak (Uni): $108K in Japan – final market; intl cume $43.4M.

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