Tom Ascheim On ABC Family’s Freeform Transformation, ‘Kevin From Work’ & ‘The 700 Club’ Future

As ABC Family is set to become Freeform next week, the network’s president Tom Ascheim today unveiled its new look, debuting a branding spot created by five illustrators to teen music star Alessia Cara’s upcoming single “Wild Things.”

“As all good things should, Freeform starts with a marathon of Pretty Little Liars,” Ascheim quipped.

The network has yet to make a decision on freshman comedy Kevin From Work. “We love it and are still trying to make it work,” Ascheim said.

One program whose future on Freeform is certain for the foreseeable future is Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club, whose run is secured as part of Robertson’s initial sale of Freeform and ABC Family predecessor Christian Broadcasting Network.

Asked whether The 700 Club will air on Freeform forever, Ascheim said, “Forever is such a long time, but for the moment will continue as it is.”

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