How The Carells Are Rebooting Satirical Comedy With ‘Angie Tribeca’ On TBS – TCA

For those who’ve been missing that Zucker Brothers or Get Smart sense of humor in their TV comedy, TBS’ Angie Tribeca could fill that vacancy. Consider the fact that it’s been 34 years since Police Squad was on the air, and 46 years since Get Smart ended its run. For Angie Tribeca creators Steve and Nancy Carell, resurrecting this sub genre of comedy really wasn’t a challenge, especially in a single cam era.

Initially Carell said at TCA today that when he first pitched Angie Tribeca, a procedural femme cop comedy they gradually built from the funky name up, a room of executives at a rival network “had their eyes go back in their head when I told them the show didn’t have a heart.”

“We got one pass and then I never pitched the show again. Then through idle conversation (with TBS executives), we lucked out and they bought it in the room. So from that perspective, this type of comedy wasn’t a hard sell. They understood the potential and wanted to try something different.”

“A show doing well isn’t necessarily dependent on what’s happening culturally,” added Rashida Jones, who plays the title character, about the attempt in rebooting comedy sitcom satire. “There’s so much room to break out. I don’t think everyone thought a women’s dark prison comedy was going to work or a dude making meth.”

In order to shine a spotlight on the revamped TBS network, programming chief Kevin Reilly this morning said Angie Tribeca‘s 25-hour marathon stunt was an entree for doing so. “That’s a big stunt to take a show that’s intentionally crazy and silly and over the top. It’s not a 24-hour binge. No network has ever put an entire season on the air in one day.” And the cast and the creators of Angie Tribeca didn’t shirk the thought. For their shenanigans it just seemed right with the procedural format that allows viewers to tune in any time.  The show will also be available OnDemand. Said actor Hayes MacArthur, “Wasn’t the decision based on the fact that 25 hours is the length of a very strong pot brownie?” Reilly said that the 25-hour marathon wasn’t a means to be a ratings grab, in fact there’s already a second season of Angie Tribeca in the works.

“It’s tricky and silly and there’s an enormous amount of thought that goes into what works and doesn’t work,” said Steve Carell about satire. Jones was a prime fetch for Angie Tribeca given her nuanced acting.

“There’s a high level of difficulty to what she’s doing in this. She makes it look effortless. But she plays the part and commits to it, giving it depth amid all the absurdity and the sillyness. She’s the lynch pin for the entire show. We met with a lot of funny people. It’s such a specific tone. It’s not about being funny, but understanding when to pull back, and not have a self-awareness of being funny.” said Carell

Angie Tribeca‘s 25-hour marathon kicks off on January 17 on TBS.


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