‘Those Who Can’t’ Plays Teachers For Laughs At Reed Smoot High – TCA

One day after improv group the Katydids came to TCA to talk about their new TV Land comedy series Teachers, based on their web series of same name, members of the Denver improv group The Grawlix came to TCA to talk about their new comedy series about teachers, Those Who Can’t.

Those Who Can'tThe Teachers cast said the teachers are wild and crazy and the show relies on the students to provide the grounded voice of reason. The Those Who Can’t cast said same of their decision to set their series in a school.

The guys of Those Who Can’t explained that “any time [adults] are doing awful things around in and around children it always makes it so much better.” The Teachers cast said showing twentysomethings having an inappropriate workplace relationship is funny, but, “when it’s in front of children it’s so much funnier.”

But, truTV’s series is set at a school in Denver they’ve named after Reed Smoot.

Reed Smoot, explained cast member Ben Roy, “was a huge piece of sh*t.” In round numbers, Smoot was an apostle in the LDS Church who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1903, repping Utah. He’s maybe best remembered as co-sponsor of the Smoot-Hawley Tarrif Act, which, in raising import tarriffs on a boatload of goods, is considered in some circles to have been the lighter fluid for the Great Depression.  “A real peach of a man,” Roy snarked.

In March 2015, TruTV officially became scripted TV player when it greenlighted Those Who Can’t as its first full-length scripted comedy series with a 10-episode order. The comedy was created by and stars Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Roy. It also stars Maria Thayer as a new librarian who joins in on the antics. Those Who Can’t is part of truTV’s new creative direction towards comedy programming under the new “Way More Fun” tagline.

Those Who Can’t originally was set up at Amazon where it had been among comedy pilots greenlit in the streaming service’s first pilot season. TruTV picked it up and ordered a new pilot when it was put in turnaround.

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