Colbert On Obama’s Gun Control Executive Order: “Fiery Hailstorm Of Gentle Reminders”

President Obama‘s “balls to the wall” executive order on gun control is something, even if it does nothing, Stephen Colbert insisted Wednesday on CBS’ The Late Show. Colbert, President Obama Speaks In The East Room Of White House On Efforts To Reduce Gun Violencewho has been the most aggressive broadcast late-night host on the subject of gun violence and recently devoted an entire broadcast to Paris after the terrorist attacks there, noted Obama’s “fiery hailstorm of gentle reminders” issued this week mostly clarifies existing laws and notes penalties  already in place for violators of those existing laws. The new exec order may not do anything, Colbert acknowledged, but at least Obama “is doing something, even if that something will do nothing. Maybe someday someone will do something that does anything. And that would be something.”

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