‘Not Safe With Nikki Glaser’ Probes Challenges Of Sober Sex – TCA

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“I had a show on MTV that didn’t work because I’m not a teen or pregnant,” Nikki Glaser told TV critics at TCA this morning, of her availability to topline Comedy Central’s new Not Safe With Nikki Glaser.

The self-described “curious perv” headlines the show in which she and other comics examine all things sex. Asked why she chose this as her focus, Glaser said, “I didn’t have sex until I was 21,” because she said, she saw porn at “way too young” an age. She did not kiss a boy until she was 17, she added, which she attributes to “my mom’s Catholicism –  or Reaganomics.”

“I was so scared of boys, and only reasons I had sex was because I got drunk once,” she said, adding quickly, “It was a consensual thing, by the way… I did that for six years and then I quit drinking.”

“I don’t know if anyone here has ever had sober sex before – it’s impossible,” she told critics, who responded with titters. “It’s really hard to do!”

First question was to wonder why she calls herself a “curious perv,” and “What is the norm that you are different from?” Glaser said Comedy Central wanted her to add “curious” to make it sound less pervy. “I’m not breaking the law in any way with my perversions,” she said, explaining, “I’m not looking up men’s skirts or anything. I’m perverted in that I’m always thinking about sex, always talking about it, always making lewd comments to my boyfriend.”

Asked what she can’t say or show on Comedy Central, she said they’re “testing those boundaries every day.” So far they’ve learned that, for a segment to help guys come up with more attractive dick pics, the show can build a small Paris scene with a hole in it, and dress up a guy’s penis in a beret and striped shirt, but “still have to blur” a tiny bit.

“You can say pussy now, because of Amy Schumer, thank god for that,” she announced happily. Weirdly, they can’t always say “shit.” But, she added quickly of the process by which material gets vetted by the network, “we don’t let that cloud our creativity in the beginning.”

The series intends to seek out scientific research she insisted, noting “we just did a bunch of stuff with Dan Savage, who is one of my heroes. This is not just dick-pic fun. We want to try to learn something and educate people and maybe create some change and impact.”

Among the few things that have shocked her while producing the series was her first encounter with the foot-fetish community. She got a foot massage “and during it he got an erection and that was alarming for me and it took me out of my comfort zone. Seeing a man suck on a girl’s foot is very disturbing in a way I did not expect.” She told a story of a guy who revealed his foot fetish to his family, who cut him out of their lives. “Is liking feet the new gay?” she wondered.

“Please don’t write ‘”foot” is the new gay,” she joked.

“Yes, I’ve done anal,” she said later, during a lull in the Q&A. More TV critic tittering.

“I was like, ‘I’ll never do it!’ – and then I did coke.”

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