‘Mommy’ Helmer Xavier Dolan To Netflix UK: “Don’t Touch My Film”

mommyCannes Jury Prize winner Xavier Dolan has a bone to pick with Netflix UK. The streaming giant evidently changed the aspect ratio of his lauded 2013 film Mommy, and Dolan wants to know why. Penning a letter on Twitter, he spoke for many filmmakers who see their work altered without consent. Dolan is Québecois and here certainly hews to the French tradition of the auteur.

“Who has bestowed upon you the right to revise my choices, and how competently have you pondered the impact of such decision on both my film and the public?” he asks in the letter below, which is followed by the subsequent exchange with Netflix. The service has reportedly agreed to screen it henceforth in its original format. Dolan is currently working on his Hollywood debut with The Death And Life Of John F Donovan starring Jessica Chastain, Bella Thorne, Kit Harrington and Susan Sarandon.

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