How ‘Carol’ Star Cate Blanchett Wowed Todd Haynes & Rooney Mara On Set – Featurette


EXCLUSIVE: Whether she wanted it or not, Cate Blanchett found herself in a quandary early in the awards season when Oscar watchers were predicting she would be going up against herself in the Best Actress race with nominations for her elegant yet powerful work in The Weinstein Company’s Carol and her searing portrayal of Mary Mapes in Sony Pictures Classics Truth. Would she cancel herself out amongst voters?

Turns out, she doesn’t really have to worry anymore. While her work in Truth is stellar on so many levels, the film just hasn’t caught any traction and pretty much has been dropped from the Oscar conversation. Which leaves the spotlight on Blanchett for Carol, one of the most well-received films this awards season, especially amongst critics. To see why Blanchett deserves the attention, check out the exclusive featurette above, about her role in this beautifully produced adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt.

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