Pete Hammond’s Top 10 Movies Of 2015 – Part I


All this week we are looking at the best of the year, so here is Part 1 of my list of the Top 10 Movies Of 2015, listing those films from No. 10 to No. 6. These kinds of lists are always incredibly difficult to put together as I have a lot of favorites for many different reasons. Actually, in compiling my Ten Best this year, I can’t really say that these movies are even my actual 10 favorites, but instead are films that, in my opinion, made an impact that sets them apart in one way or another.

DL_LookBackI happen to think 2015 has turned out to be a pretty damn good year for film fans, and as I say in the video above the movies I have selected to highlight today, and on Thursday when I reveal my No. 1 film, are from a wide selection of all types of films that I wanted to represent. There’s animation, documentaries, a VOD release that blew me away, social dramas, a certified blockbuster, smart comedies and a love story to name some that made my cut. However I easily could have gone another way, picked a completely different group of great movies, and been satisfied. That must mean , from this critic’s POV, the year in film has been a success.

To see the second half of my selections starting with No. 10 (a crackerjack little-seen film that hit VOD the same day it nominally had a theatrical release), click on the video link. On Thursday I will list my choices for the Top 5, including my pick for the best of a very good bunch.

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