‘Star Wars’ Crosses $1B Global Box Office To Break “World” Record; Offshore Cume Rises To $550.3M – Monday Update

2ND UPDATE, MONDAY AM PT: With actuals now in for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the international cume has risen to $550.3M and the global take to $1.0906B. That’s with an increased offshore weekend of $136.9M versus Sunday’s projected $133.3M. It also narrows the week-to-week drop to 51% after a frame crowded with Christmas festivities and cinema closures in some markets, including the UK, the leading ex-U.S. play, and Australia. The difference between Christmas Day abroad and domestically can be stark, with cinemagoers tending to stay closer to home and hearth in offshore markets as opposed to venturing down to the multiplex.

The New Year’s frame doesn’t come with the same diversions and thus should see steady play and pick-up. By way of a comp, at the same time in its run this summer, Jurassic World had grossed $584.4M with $164.4M from China. The Force has a wide berth ahead of it with no major releases in the coming frame which will propel it towards its own highly anticipated China bow on January 9. The premiere was held in Shanghai last night and signs are pointing to Disney’s having done a bang-up job of prepping the terrain. More international updates are to come in the overall report.

UPDATE, WRITETHRU, SUNDAY PM PT: After opening to the biggest global bow of all time last week at $529M, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has bested another Jurassic World record with the fastest climb ever to $1B in worldwide box office. The dinos did it in 13 days this summer, the Resistance made it in 12 after opening Wednesday Dec. 16. With $544.57M domestic and $546M international after its 2nd frame, SWTFA‘s global total is $1.09B. The weekend was worth $133.3M overseas where the film is already No. 6 for the year. Globally, it’s the No. 5 movie of 2015 and the No. 15 movie of all time.

With this sophomore session in IMAX, the Stormtroopers rendered another JW record extinct. The worldwide holiday weekend was good for $27.5M on 673 IMAX screens which brought the global cume to $106M. That hyper-sped the film past the $100M milestone in 12 days versus the 18 days it took JW to get there. The average per screen cume for IMAX theaters is $160K. The international portion this frame was $8.5M on 282 screens in 59 countries. Overall the offshore total is now $36.4M with IMAX reporting unprecedented results from Sweden to Brazil to Japan. China looms on January 9 for SWTFA and with it an additional 270 IMAX plays.

One JW record that couldn’t be persuaded to the Dark Side was the fastest ascent to $500M internationally. SW did it in 12 days, JW in 11. Also, JW saw a drop of 41% from its first to second sessions back in June with $163.4M becoming the all-time biggest sophomore weekend ever for a day-and-date release at the international box office. SW slipped 53%, although it’s important to recall that this happened during a holiday week that saw cinemas closed for all of Christmas Day in the film’s biggest ex-U.S. market.

star wars london premiereWhich brings us to the UK and the staggering results there. The crew of the Millennium Falcon is drawing moviegoers to cinemas like Jawas to droids. The estimated cume to date is $97.2M after just 10 days of release. On Saturday, it posted the top grossing Boxing Day holiday in industry history by far — after a Christmas Day tradition of cinemas shuttering around the country. JJ Abrams’ continuation of the epic saga is already the No. 9 film of all time in the market and has surpassed the entire individual runs of Jurassic World, the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings trilogies, and the Dark Knight films.

Europe as a region has an estimated cume of $330.2M which will drive The Force to the No. 2 position for the year tomorrow, landing it behind Spectre‘s current $395M. Elsewhere in European markets over the Christmas holiday, France saw a 28% drop lifting the cume to $47.8M and landing SWTFA in the Top 3 titles of the year. It is the fastest Hollywood movie ever to reach 5M admissions. Spain ($19.9M cume) and Italy ($18.2M) had forceful holds, down 35% and 22% respectively. Germany and its $54.3M to date see SWTFA tracking ahead of Avatar and all of the Hobbit movies. The Netherlands, Scandinavia and some smaller Euro plays saw average drops around 40% after record-breaking openings last weekend.

Australia is the standout in Asia-Pacific with a galactic $35.7M. That makes it the No. 2 Disney release of all time — just behind The Avengers — and the No. 7 movie ever. The second frame set a record high for the industry, spelling the end of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2’s previous record by 32%.

Japan, a key market for many of the previous films, looks to be a bit light thus far this time around, some have remarked. However, this is a slow-burn market where movies can play out for weeks upon weeks. And, its $31.3M to date has exceeded the runs of Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Furious 7.

In India, where SWTFA opened on Christmas Eve, it picked up $2M over the weekend. There’s heavy competition in the overwhelmingly local market with Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Priyanka Chopra-starrer Bajirao Mastani bringing in a combined $8.4M in their second frames.

Korea, one of two markets where Star Wars did not own opening weekend, saw a jump this frame of 9%. It’s facing local pic The Himalayas and had about 22% of the market on Saturday. The gross there is $18.8M to date. Russia held No. 1 after its record bow last frame and has $18M to date. New Year Holiday Week kicks off January 4. Elsewhere, Hong Kong had a fantastic -27% dip. With China yet to open, the $150M approximate cume in the region has surpassed the entire runs of both The Hobbit 2 and The Hobbit 3.

Meanwhile, Admiral Ackbar has tons of recruits in Latin America where the movie is No. 1 throughout the region. Mexico leads with $20.2M and a 35% dip this frame. Brazil has tallied up $15.9M so far. Holds were also strong in Colombia (-19%), Ecuador (-25%), Bolivia (-35%), Chile (-35%), Peru (-40%) and Venezuela (-46%).

There are no new openings next week. The Stormtroopers will march into the Middle Kingdom on Saturday January 9.

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