The Social Media Force Awakens A ‘Star Wars’-Ruled Crowd Of Christmas Films (But Where’s Bradley Cooper?)

UPDATE 11:30 with more information throughout.

Sure, everyone knows that the astonishing reach of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on social media is, well, a phenomenon — look below for Albert Brooks’ tweet of the year on Star Wars. But how are other titles at the starting line faring in the online universe? To give some perspective, we must note that Star Wars is outpacing all other openings by a 14-to-1 average on Twitter, but Daddy’s Home and Joy look like they’re putting up the biggest fight. Let’s take a look at new titles (and a great thanks to RelishMix’s Marc Karzen for pulling together all the information for Deadline):

Daddy’s Home
No surprise that social media darling Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell’s footprints are driving the film online. This Paramount comedy, which just made $1.2M in Thursday night previews, has a huge social media universe of 72.5M including 36.5M Facebook fans, 11M Twitter followers, 2M Instagram followers and 23M YouTube views. The Facebook and Twitter totals are driven by the multimillion online fans of  social media giant Wahlberg and comedy favorite Ferrell.

Wahlberg’s 2.8M Twitter and 16.8M Facebook fans have been lit up with clips from his recent press interviews, Twitter Q&A, and guest appearances across national talk shows. This star is heavily engaged in the film’s promotion. Ferrell also has a huge social following of 12M. On Dec 23rd, Ferrell posted a Funny Or Die clip in which he, Wahlberg, cast members Hannibal Buress and Linda Cardellini try and introduce the film to a room full of school children and get some awkward questions in return — the video received 1.8M views in short order.

By the way, the earned/owned ratio of re-posted videos is, however, light for Daddy’s Home at 5:1.

Hottest Clip? One shot by a fan who attended the New Orleans Pelicans game (NBA) the same night, is a full two minutes of Ferrell’s character throwing a basketball right at a cheerleader’s head. With nearly 5M views, it surpasses all other video assets from the film.

The film’s reach is good with Jennifer Lawrence, whose The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is still in the box office Top Ten after five weeks of release and will be pushed out as Fox’s Joy bows today. Overall, Joy has a social media universe of 70.9M — including 41.5M Facebook fans, 3.2M Twitter followers, 13K Instagram followers and 24.3M YouTube views. The activity for the top 7 YouTube video are good to strong.

Gotta give kudos to Lawrence, who is doing everything she can to market this picture to her 14M Facebook fans. But co-star Bradley Cooper? Not so much, as his FB fan page has virtually no posts and 5.8M fans likely wondering why. Anyone manning that operation? Hello?

The Sony/Village Roadshow/LStar drama has an overall social media universe of 102.3M including 75.5M Facebook fans (led by Smith), 5.9M Twitter followers, 2.6K Instagram followers and 22.9M YouTube views. By far, the driver for Concussion is star Will Smith who is the No. 2 most social Facebook movie star in the world, behind Vin Diesel. Will Smith has over 75M followers, but even still, activity is said to be light.

Point Break
The social media universe reach for this Warner Bros. remake from Alcon is relatively small and activity is light. Fans are debating whether comparisons should be made to the cult classic or if the new 3D version stands on its own paying tribute to a new extreme athletic culture. Point Break‘s social media circle is 45.1M, including 8.6M Facebook fans, 5.1M Twitter followers, 6.9K Instagram followers and 31.1M YouTube views.

Of the cast, Édgar Ramírez is the social star as he is opening in Point Break as well as Joy on the same day. Soul surfing legend Laird Hamilton is promoting the film to his 268K Facebook and 40K Twitter page as he makes a return from the original movie 24 years later. Base jumper, wigsuiter Jeb Corliss has 322K fans on FB and Aussie actress Theresa Palmer is very social promoting the film with 127K Twitter followers and 164K fans on Instagram. Extreme snowboarder Xavier De La Rue has 92K followers on FB.

The Chinese Theater premiere featured a 6,000-foot sky dive drop-in on the red carpet, and BMX bike riders popping moves on a vertical ramp right on Hollywood Blvd so that video is getting some play. But most notable is that the studio recruited YouTube super channel Devin SuperTramp with 3.7M subscribers with this extreme social video with 1M views:

Hateful Eight
The social media reach for the latest Quentin Tarantino film is moderate, but activity is good. The film has a social media universe of 47M including 23.1M Facebook fans, 12.8M Twitter followers, 482K Instagram followers and 10.6M YouTube views. The earned/owned ratio of re-posted videos is good for the film at 12:1.

While Tarantino is not active on social, his fans sure are. All told, he has about 1.6M followers across all major social channels. His movies are wildly popular among his smaller, yet very loyal fan base. To wit: Quentin Taratino Movies/Facebook has 1.2M followers; there are 171K followers on fan page, The Quentin Tarantino Archives; Quentin Tarantino News on Twitter has 142K followers, and a Tarantino Instagram page has 50K fans.

Here is the interesting thing about these fans conversations online: Most simply cannot wait to see this one. The conversation is specific to the film’s length (a nearly three-hour run time) and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s potential Oscar nomination. They certainly think it’s worthy. On Facebook, more comments are related to how/if fans can see it in Tarantino’s intended 70 mm presentation, with some discussing how they are traveling to see it on a 70 mm screen. There are 100 of those out there before it goes in a more moderate release on 12/31.

In addition to the teasers and trailers for the film, Hateful Eight had a lot of support on late night TV and talk shows from its cast and enigmatic director. A Jimmy Kimmel clip with Channing Tatum saying quotes from the film to a kitten has logged over 2.5M views. A clip featuring Samuel L. Jackson talking with Jimmy Fallon about the film has 1.2M. It doesn’t hurt that Kimmel and Fallon have probably the best social media teams in the business.

Samuel L. Jackson with 5.4M Twitter followers and 3.1M Facebook fans is the film’s social media star. He is actively engaged in sharing material related to the film and the other projects that he has worked on with Tarantino. Channing Tatum, who admits to having stalked Tarantino to get the part, has 18.6M Facebook followers. The remaining cast members have a social presence, but on a much smaller scale. The next biggest is Michael Madsen’s with 201K followers on Facebook.

And, saving the best for last, Albert Brooks’ tweet of the year on Star Wars:

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