Top 10 New Shows Of 2015 Part 1: Netflix Comedy, Amazon’s History Lesson Among Year’s Best

FX’s chief John Landgraf captured intentional attention this year when he proclaimed there is simply too much TV out there. Of course, with about 409 scripted shows airing in 2015 according to a recent FX study, the era of Peak TV does seem overwhelming at times. However, while I get Landgraf’s oversaturation point, I think the real question when it comes to TV has to be how much of it is any good?

That brings me to the first part of my Top 10 new shows of 2015 list. No spoilers — you’ll have to click on the video above to see who made the cut. But to go off list for a sec, I will tell you now that I love the sheer fun of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle and that ratings-busting multi-network too-real reality show The Candidate starring Donald Trump. I will also say that Netflix and Amazon both really hit their stride this year, the late-night musical chairs contest had a standout winner and …well, you’ll just have to watch to find out the rest.

And, yes we’re talking new shows, but let’s not overlook strong showings by the veterans in 2015 too: HBO’s The Leftovers dramatically and triumphantly reinvented itself in Season 2, a second round of FX’s Fargo burned hot in the Minnesota cold, and Cinemax’s The Knick became even more addictive (please come back). Also, Fox’s Gotham got more wonderfully villainous and Amazon’s Transparent … well, the best show around got better in its second season that debuted earlier this month online. Deep into their runs, AMC’s The Walking Dead and a timelier-than-ever Homeland on Showtime both had strong seasons that showed the new punks how it’s done.

What do you think of the first part of the Top 10? Come back December 30 who else made the list and who finished No. 1.

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