Amy Poehler & Kate McKinnon Turn Hillary For Christmas, & Get Sarah Palin And Amy Schumer too – ‘Saturday Night Live’


As expected as the inevitable pantsuit joke, Saturday Night Live cohost Amy Poehler reprised her former giggling first lady impression to take on Kate McKinnon’s scrunch-faced dynamo candidate in a Dueling Hillary Clintons sketch on last night’s SNL. “Your laugh is different too,” said Poehler’s Hillary to McKinnon’s Hillary. “It’s less joyful.” Indeed.

During the dream sequence, the 2008 Hillary meets the 2015 Hillary. Says the current model, smashing the cellphone of the the text-sending old one, “Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

With Tina Fey cohosting alongside Poehler – they were promoting their new feature film comedy Sisters, or as Poehler called it, Star Wars – a ghostly visit from a time-traveling Sarah Palin was all but demanded by comedy law. Fey didn’t disappoint, launching into her trademark stream of Palin gibberish without missing a jeez. Her advice to Hillary ’15: “Also if it gets too hard just quit who cares.”

Another Amy — Schumer — joined the cohosts in “Tina & Amy’s Dope Squad,” a action-film parody paying tribute to the nannies, support staff and friends that make up the movie stars’ posse. Given the line-up, “Dope Squad” should have been dopier, and funnier.



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