Deadline’s The Contenders: How Music In ‘Youth’ Became Vital Part Of Michael Caine’s Performance

At Deadline’s big day-long awards-season event The Contenders Presented By Deadline last month,   Youth composer David Lang explained his process to a packed DGA Theatre audience of AMPAS and guild voters. Speaking on the Fox Searchlight panel, Lang focused on his collaboration with director Paolo Sorrentino in creating music that would reflect the emotional journey of the main character — a newly retired composer — played by Michael Caine.

Because the film is indeed, in part, about a composer, the music had to be written even before the script. That meant Lang essentially had to reverse what is usually the case for a movie composer and do most of his work in advance. The song from the film, “Simple Song #3,” has already been nominated for Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice awards.

To see the video of my conversation with Lang, click on the above link.

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