Deadline’s The Contenders: How Cast And Crew Withstood Unimaginable Challenges During The Making Of ‘The Revenant’

One of this season’s most awaited movies is certainly Alejandro G. Inarritu’s brutal and stunning The Revenanta tale of survival and revenge set in the 1820’s and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in performances that would test the limits of any actor. The film begins its theatrical run on Christmas Day. As part of the 20th Century Fox panel at this year’s The Contenders Presented By Deadline (taking place last month in front of AMPAS and key Guild members at the DGA Theatre)  I was happy to be able to talk to Production Designer Jack Fisk about the challenges he had to undertake in this massively complex film shot entirely on location and in natural light. Click the above link to watch some our conversation in which Fisk describes why he likes working “real”  and “gritty”  and how the entire cast and crew found enlightenment  through physical suffering.

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