Deadline’s The Contenders: Carey Mulligan & Director Sarah Gavron Talk Relevance & Importance Of ‘Suffragette’


For the first time in the five-year history of Deadline’s annual big awards-season event The Contenders Presented By Deadline, I got to host an all-female panel thanks to Focus Features, which spotlighted two contenders: The Danish Girl and SuffragetteWith the latter, the story of the movement for the women’s right to vote in England, we welcomed star Carey Mulligan, who has won high praise for her role as a young wife and mothercontenders-sold-out who becomes increasingly active in the organizing of the movement, and director Sarah Gavron, who told me her reason for doing the film was simply that it was overdue and timely. In fact a crawl at the end of the movie points out voting rights for women were still “pending” in Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland only came around in 1971 believe it or not.

Mulligan talks about the nine months of research she did and how casting Meryl Streep in a brief but important cameo was her idea. The event took place in front of a packed house of AMPAS and key guild members last month at the DGA Theatre.

To watch my conversation, click on the video link above.

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