‘Weekend Update’ Hosts Che & Jost Debate Trump On Muslims, Racism – ‘Saturday Night Live’

One of the highlights of Saturday Night Live‘s 41st season has been watching the seriously improving chemistry between “Weekend Update” hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost. The material, too, has generally improved week-to-week — thanks in large measure to the Republican and Democratic campaigns for the presidential nomination. The hosts have gone from seemingly two different planets to a solid partnership marked by smart interplay sprinkled with double-takes, arched eyebrows and infectious bemusement. Last night was great, as they debated the significance of Donald Trump’s suggestion that all Muslims be banned from entering the U.S. (“Racism is embedded deep down in the soul,” Che noted. “I’ve looked into that man’s eyes. Donald Trump doesn’t have a soul. Just a pair of dollar signs floatin’ in cologne.”)  The closing shot of Che kicking back, feet on desk, epitomized the relaxed improvement of the proceedings.

The segment was also notable for a sharp appearance by Kate McKinnon as Time magazine cover woman Angela Merkel:


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