Comic-Con Organizers Issue Statement After Fan Confusion

Will Comic-Con stay in San Diego? No word yet, but there’s a lot of confusion among fans on what’s going on with the organization’s desire to expand their annual convention in San Diego. Comic-Con International made the unusual move today of putting out a statement regarding a ballot initiative that was drawn up by a group called Citizens Plan for San Diego that seems to be at odds with their own desires for a contiguous expansion along the waterfront. Signatures are being gathered for a ballot initiative to keep Comic-Con in San Diego albeit a different spot, and those collecting signatures are actually advertising the initiative with signs stating “Keep Comic-Con in San Diego.

“In its statement, Comic-Con says that “a contiguous, expanded convention center is one that will benefit the city best. It appears this ballot initiative does not favor that scenario.”

There are a couple of things in play in San Diego that are throwing a wrench into the works on guaranteeing that Comic-Con will stay in the place where it was born some 46 years ago. One is that the San Diego Chargers football team wants the new stadium built and have been threatening to leave San Diego if they don’t get it. Team owners would like the stadium in downtown San Diego. Although the city of San Diego and the Coastal Commission have approved an expansion at the convention center, it has  has been blocked (temporarily at least) by a lawsuit.

“There is a lot of confusion about this matter so we felt it necessary to put out a statement to let people know that we are not a party to this, have not read the initiatives and it will have no bearing on our decision of whether we stay in San Diego,” Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer told Deadline. He said they have been getting a lot of calls about this and just wanted to set the record straight.

The convention has been held in San Diego since 1970 and they currently have a contract with the city through 2018. But after that, it’s anyone’s guess whether the convention will stay put.

“We were born in San Diego and our hope is to remain here for a long time,” Glanzer said. “However there are always challenges to face. Hotel room rates and meeting space are just some of them. Rarely is one issue the determining factor in our plans for the future.”

Comic-Con has grown over the years to be one of the biggest marketing tools used by the major Hollywood studios and networks to tease and help launch some of their biggest tentpoles and properties.

In addition to its San Diego convention each summer, CCI organizes WonderCon which will be held in Los Angeles this spring. Might they move Comic-Con to L.A? Hey, why not? Easier commute for all involved.

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