‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Imax Featurette: A Brief Look At Those Practical VFX

Starting back in April during Star Wars Celebration and continuing through Comic-Con and D23, the thing that really stood out for me from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan-focused charm offensive was the shade J.J. Abrams kept throwing at the prequel trilogy. Again and again, the point was made that The Force Awakens production emphasized practical effects, stagecraft and real, constructed sets whenever possible.

star wars the force awakensPerhaps I’m reading a bit into those comments, but it’s difficult to deny that they address one of the single biggest criticisms about the prequel trilogy (and the Star Wars special editions). Anyway, we’re one week away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at which point we’ll find out for ourselves just how much those much-touted effects change the experience of a modern Star Wars film. With that in mind, Imax has released a new Behind the Frame featurette about the use of Imax cameras in the film, and you can watch it above.

Warning: You’re going to hear the word “immersive” a lot. That aside, there’s little in the video you haven’t seen before in the various trailers, but there are a couple of glimpses at that practical effects work. I’m particularly glad to see they actually built a movable rig simulating the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon in the Abu Dhabi desert instead of saving those shots for Pinewood Studios back in London. The rest is, well, you know how good Imax looks. Enjoy.

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