Hillary Clinton Tells Seth Meyers Donald Trump No Longer Funny

UPDATED with video: “You know, I have to say, Seth, I no longer think he is funny,” Hillary Clinton told NBC late-night host Seth Meyers in re GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from entering the country.

“I think for weeks you, and everybody else, were just bringing folks to hysterical laughter, but now he has gone way over the line,” she added. “And what he is saying now is not only shameful and wrong, it is dangerous.

“He’s been kind of an equal opportunity insulter,” Clinton continued. “This latest demand that we not allow Muslims into the country plays into the hands of terrorists. And I don’t say that lightly, but it does. He is giving them a great propaganda tool, a way to recruit more folks from Europe and United States. And because it’s kind of crossed that line, I think everybody, and especially other Republicans, need to stand up and really say, ‘Enough! You’ve gone too far. That’s not who we are. That’s not the kind of country that we believe we are. And we’re just not going to tolerate it.’ So I hope more people will do that.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign appeared on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers five days before the next GOP debate – expected to be a real GOP Commander-in-Chief test, being the first Republican debate post-Paris attacks, post-San Bernardino shootings, and six weeks from the Iowa caucus.

Clinton’s not-funny comment about Trump came in in response to Meyer’s opening monologue:

“Following criticism about his comments on Muslims, Donald Trump said this morning he’s postponing a trip to meet Israeli officials until after he becomes President,” Meyers said, adding, “Oh! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Hillary laughing all the way from her dressing room!”

Clinton and Meyers also discussed Congress’s inaction on gun safety legislation:

..and the story behind Bill Clinton’s mission to North Korea:

Trump has said Dem frontrunner Clinton most fears running against him among the field of GOP nominees. That position is not held by his fellow party hopefuls. Carly Fiorina, for instance, recently told Fox News Channel that “Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gift wrapped up under a tree…Because if he were to be our nominee, Hillary Clinton will wipe the floor with him and we will lose the Senate, we may well lose the House.” And South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham today said of Trump, “I’d rather lose without him than try to win with him, if he keeps doing what he’s doing. There is no shame in losing an election; the shame comes when you lose your honor.”

Trump this week called Clinton the “the worst Secretary of State in history,” adding, “she’s the one who caused this problem” in reference to the San Bernardino slaying of 14 by two ISIS sympathizers.

Clinton has been showering late-night shows with good ratings for some time now, as part of her personal-charm offensive. Late Night marks her third guest gig on an NBC late-night show, having already played a bartender on Saturday Night Live, and telephone with Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show. Last month, Clinton helped ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel beat CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert for the first time in total viewers and the demo. And, in October, she made her first visit to what she called “The Cathedral of Colbert,” goosing his ratings too. Colbert had been prepping for that moment since his first week as host of The Late Show in September, during which he detailed Clinton’s carefully formulated plan to become more spontaneous and genuine coinciding with the start of her march through the late-night TV landscape. The Clinton Authenticity Campaign started in September, when the notoriously guarded politician stuck her toe into the late-night arena with her telephone routine with Pretend Donald Trump, aka Fallon.

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