Donald Trump Blasts Time For Not Naming Him Person Of The Year

The leading GOP Presidential contender obviously doesn’t like not coming Number #1 but Donald Trump really doesn’t like losing Time’s Person of the Year to Angela Merkel. The former Apprentice host took to Twitter this morning after the German chancellor was announced as 2015 honoree.

“All year long he has been saying things that were counted as disqualifying — I’ve lost count how many times,” Time Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs said Wednesday on NBC’s Today about why Trump was not the top choice and came in third.

“If he is as good at winning votes as he is at winning news cycles, then in the months to come he may well position himself that we may be here a year from now,” she added of Trump’s chances to be Person of the Year 2016. “In the history of Person of the Year, we’ve actually never named a presidential candidate as Person of the Year.” As to Trump’s previous critique that Time wouldn’t give him the honor, Gibbs said, “If he thinks he deserves it, he has the whole next year to let the voters decide that.”

Time ’s first runner-up was ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, with Black Lives Matter activists in fourth place and Iran President Hassad Rouhani in fifth. The decadelong German chancellor is only the fourth woman to be named Person of the Year and the first since then-Philippines President Coarzon Aquino in 1986. The Person of the Year 2015 issue comes out December 11.

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