‘Transparent’ Season 2 Review: The Best Show On TV Got Better

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On New Year’s Day this year, I named Transparent as the best new TV show of 2014. Well, Season 2 of the Jill Soloway-created series is set to launch on December 11 on Amazon, and as my video review above says, the best series around is better than before. Having been a major part of a cultural discussion about transgender individuals as well as discrimination that has rippled across the American landscape, Transparent Season 2 breaks all-new barriers.

The new 10-episode season of the self-destructive and self-absorbed Pfefferman clan starts Deadline Review Badge Dominic Pattenwith a Palm Springs wedding and reaches across time and space to the horrors of history while keeping the foibles and flaws of today firmly in place. It an ambitious and magnificent scope that has so many risks for its creator, the Emmy winning show’s producers and Amazon — and bounds over all of them. You can check out the first episode now, if you are an Amazon Prime member, as it has been up online for over a week.

Now that we know Jeffrey Tambor’s transitioning Maura and the other main characters and the very talented actors who play them, we see them in Season 2 ripen, flame out, evolve, bottom out and discover consequences in a way that feels so remarkably true to life. The indie-film aesthetic of the series is but one factor along with the poignant and witty writing in reminding us that Transparent is scripted TV. However, I sometimes find myself seeing the half-hourish comedy — a label that doesn’t do the often incredibly powerful and incredibly funny show justice – as the heir in tone and deftness to the legendary documentary series Seven Up!

I say a lot more in my full video review above, but let me just say here: Lightning in a bottle has struck twice.

So take a look at my video review and then tell us what you think about Transparent and the upcoming Season 2.

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