Charlie Sheen Plans Countersuit Against Ex-Fiancée In HIV Lawsuit Involving ‘Anger Management’ Profits

From the moment Charlie Sheen made public on Today on November 17 that he has been HIV positive for at least four years, we all knew the lawsuits would be coming – and today the first one has. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, his former fiancée Scottine Ross claims the actor promised her bug bucks plus “five percent of his 100 percent back end participation” of the now-shuttered FX series Anger Management to get out of claims she had against him during their time together.

Sheen told Matt Lauer during his HIV reveal that part of the reason he was going public was to put a stop to alleged betrayal and extortion. Ross did not characterize her lawsuit like that, but Sheen isn’t turning the other cheek.

“Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Scottine Ross,” said Sheen’s longtime lawyer Marty Singer today. “We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and will prevail on his claims for affirmative relief against her.”

In her 20-page complaint, Ross is seeking special, general and punitive damages against Sheen plus whatever the court “deems just and proper.”

In a multi-claim complaint of assault and battery put before the L.A. Superior Court (read it here), lawyers for XXX actress Ross say she was assured $1 million plus the profit participation from Anger Management as a part of a more than long-negotiated settlement with Sheen and his reps. That deal came out of the end of what Ross describes in her suit today as an abusive, drug- and drink-filled relationship with the former Two And Half Men star that started in November 2013 after a paid night of conjugal intimacy.

Sheen reneged on the settlement in early November of this year and demanded any dispute go to arbitration says Ross. Her complaint adds that Sheen then soon after went on Today to say “he had no intention whatsoever to honor any previous settlement agreements he had entered into with any females who had brought claims against Sheen based on his engaging in sex with them while knowing he was HIV positive.”

Thursday’s jury-seeking suit says the duo had unprotected sex four more times before she discovered his HIV medication and the actor admitted his condition. It is a felony in California to for someone with HIV to have unprotected sex with someone else without informing him or her.

If Sheen did promise Ross 5% of his Anger Management profits, it could have been a very strong earner for her. Based on the 2003 movie of the same name, Anger Management was produced for Sheen under the 90-10 model developed by Lionsgate subsidiary Debmar-Mercury after the ragged fallout of his exit from Men. After a strong start in June 2012 with the most-watched primetime scripted comedy series premiere in cable history, Anger Management hit its marks on its first 10 episodes and was picked up by FX for another 90-episodes in late August of that year. Declining in ratings, the series ran until December 22, 2014. In October 2012, Fox Television Stations snagged a syndication deal for the sitcom in a cash plus barter deal that had a September 2014 launch.

Now the real anger management will happen in court unless Sheen and Ross come to another settlement.

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