So you want to be a military decision-maker, eh? First, check out this trailer for Eye in the Sky. What starts as a “capture” mission targeting a radicalized British woman in Nairobi changes in a heartbeat when two very-wanted men are seen preparing suicide bombs in the same house. The orders are changed to “take ’em out.” But here’s the dilemma: A drone operator (Aaron Paul) has No. 4 and 5 on the president’s kill list in his sights; just as he’s about to rain down a Hellfire missile on the orders of a colonel (Helen Mirren), they see a little girl dancing and Hula Hooping nearby.

Three key lines define the stakes: 1) “You are putting the whole mission at risk because of one collateral damage issue?” 2) “If they kill 80 people, we win the propaganda war; if we kill one child, they do.” 3) “We need a decision.”

Alan Rickman and Captain Phillips Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi co-star in the film directed by Gavin Hood and written by Guy Hibbert. Bleecker Street opens it March 11. Check out the trailer, and tell us what you think.