Deadline’s The Contenders: ‘Truth’ Writer-Director James Vanderbilt On Casting A Legend To Play A Legend

James Vanderbilt, writer and director of Truth, came to The Contenders Presented By Deadline last month and discussed the film dealing with how a 60 Minutes story on then-President George W. Bush and his controversial National Guard Service led to the firing of veteran news producer Marythe contenders event sold out Mapes (played by Cate Blanchett) and the downfall of Dan Rather (Robert Redford). As he told the packed DGA Theatre audience of AMPAS and key guild members, the timing of the film now is interesting considering there are two others out this fall also dealing with journalism and writing.

“Someone in Toronto told me that Spotlight and Trumbo equals Truth,” he recalled, meaning the combination of journalism and persecution coming together in one story. He also talked about the intriguing casting of one legend, Redford, playing another legend, Rather.

Vanderbilt spoke as part of the Sony Pictures Classics panel. To watch the video of our conversation, click on the link above.

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