Deadline’s The Contenders: Why Benicio Del Toro Doesn’t Care If You Love Him Or Hate Him In ‘Sicario’


Sicario came to Deadline’s big awards season event, The Contenders Presented By Deadline which was held at the DGA last month in front of a packed audience of AMPAS and key guild members. The movie, a complex story set against the war on drug cartels, was directed by Denis Villeneuvecontenders-sold-out and shot by 12-time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins. Co-star Benicio Del Toro, Producer Molly Smith and Film Editor Joe Walker joined me on stage for a compelling behind the scenes conversation about the Lionsgate film which has turned into one of the Fall’s best performing adult dramas. Just today it was nominated for Best Picture and four other awards by the Broadcast Critics Film Association’s Critics’ Choice Awards. Del Toro tells me how he was attracted to a character that is a complete contradiction, and also talks about the art of Deakins. Smith compares the film to dark character pieces of the 70’s while Walker talks about his editing style of holding on a shot for maximum effect. To watch the video of our conversation just click on the link above.

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