Rosie O’Donnell Wants Ex-‘View’ Producer’s Defamation Suit Dismissed

Little more than a month after an ex-senior producer on The View went after the show’s former co-host for defamation and being the cause of her pink slipping, Rosie O’Donnell has spoken up today – and she wants Jennifer Shepard-Brookman’s lawsuit tossed out of court. “Brookman’ s attempt to disclaim all responsibility for her situation and collect a payout by filing an inflammatory and defective complaint against a former co-host of the Show should be rejected,” said a filing Thursday accompanying the motion to dismiss (read it here).

The veteran and Emmy winning producer was let go from the daytime talker in March View New Logo ABCof this year. Shepard-Brookman says it was because she was believed to be the source of stories in the press about the tension and chaos backstage on the show. After a run on The View from 2006-07, it was announced last July that O’Donnell would be back on the ratings struggling show in a highly promoted and anticipated move to re-juice the series. It was a short term return that saw the co-host make public her exit in February.

“With the passage of time, Brookman apparently decided that O’Donnell—who left ABC more than a month before Brookman was fired, and who never had authority in ABC‟s employment decisions—bears sole responsibility for Brookman’s firing,” the memorandum of law from O’Donnell’s attorneys adds. Nicolle Jacoby and Andrew Spievack have requested a December 18 hearing on the motion to dismiss.

And to the accusations that O’Donnell verbally abused the producer, today’s filings say “vague and conclusory allegations about what was said cannot satisfy a defamation plaintiff‟s pleading burden, and are thus insufficient to survive a motion to dismiss.” It also notes that Shepard-Brookman’s October 15 complaint “lacks a single factual allegation to give rise to an inference that Defendant made the alleged statements with malice.”

Not a lot of room for a common point of view in that one.

Shepard-Brookman is represented by a team of lawyers led by attorney Brian Kennedy.

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