‘Dirty Grandpa’ Redband Trailer: With Robert De Niro & Zac Efron, The Generation Gap Has Never Been Wider


Zac Efron’s future is so bright he’s gotta wear shades. The buttoned-up lawyer is about to seal a deal with — read: marry — his boss’ daughter, but before that he must drive his new-widower granddad to Florida for spring break. But this isn’t your average grandpa. No, it’s Robert De Niro — and he’s ready to party now that his wife has checked out. When his grandson/unwitting wingman Jason pulls up in a pink Mini Cooper, Gramps declares, “Now let’s get in that giant labia you drove up in and get the f*ck outta here.”

Dirty GrandpaIf you’re working, be sure to mute this redband trailer for Dirty Grandpa, which boasts copious amounts of cursing. Might want to minimize the picture too, lest bosses glimpse you enjoying the boozing, crack smoking, twerking, brawling, Macarena-ing and general mayhem. Seems Grandpa hasn’t gotten laid in 15 years and is looking to make up for lost time. (Reminds of Steve Martin’s comedy joke, “Grandpaaaa bought a rubber.”) While enduring the lusty advances of Aubrey Plaza, he tries to persuade the kid to live a little and think before he takes The Big Plunge with Miss Priss: “If you marry her, you’re gonna be sleepwalking through the rest of your life.”

Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough, Jason Mantzoukas, Danny Glover, Adam Pally, and Dermot Mulroney also turn up in the raunch-a-thon from director Dan Mazer and writer John Phillips. Lionsgate opens Dirty Grandpa on January 22.


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