GSN Will Play ‘Winsanity’ With Host Donald Faison

EXCLUSIVE: GSN has a new game to play. The cable net has greenlighted 40 episodes of Winsanity, a half-hour game show from Electus in which contestants try to rank facts in numerical order. Hosted by Scrubs alum Donald Faison, the series is set to begin production early next year.

An example of the ranking gameplay: Which is greater — the number of times a GSN logo 2015 greenman thinks about sex in a day or the number of words a woman speaks in a day? (We’ll pause will you mull that one.) Every time a contestant is correct and wins a prize, so does a randomly selected portion of the studio audience. But … if a contestant gives a wrong answer, they and the audience lose everything. Then a new contestant takes his or her place and continues the game, trying to win prizes that increase in value with each round.

Winsanity is a fun, raucous game where contestants play for prizes for themselves as well as members of the audience,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, EVP Programming and Development for GSN. “Donald Faison’s sharp comedic timing makes him the perfect host for this fast-paced game that is filled with terrific play-along.”

Chris Grant of Electus and Barry Poznick of Barracuda Television Productions are your exec producers. Faison is repped by APA, Primary Wave and attorney Fuller Downs.

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