Deadline’s ‘The Contenders’: Aaron Sorkin Tells Why ‘Steve Jobs’ Is “The Movie Of Every Writer’s Dreams”

Aaron Sorkin came out swinging at our big awards season all day event, The Contenders Presented By Deadline ,  Nov 7 at the DGA.  As part of Universal’s presentation the Oscar winning screenwriter of the new film Steve Jobs had no sooner sat down than he proclaimed absolutely everythingthe contenders event sold out in the movie is true  with one big exception.  Check out the video of my conversation with him (click the link above to watch) to find out what that was, as well as reaction he has gotten to the movie  and the choices he made in adapting Walter Isaacson’s best selling biography of the Apple genius. Sorkin has caused some controversy with the three act structure and almost Shakespearean nature of his take on Jobs, but if ever a writer was the star of a movie it is probably this one.

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