Deadline’s The Contenders: How The Filmmakers Put Hollywood Under The Knife In ‘Trumbo’

Kirk Douglas weighed in yesterday on Deadline with his stamp of approval for the new film , Trumbo.  Now see the filmmakers – director Jay Roach, writer John McNamara, producer Michael London – spill the secrets on how the film came together  and how they pulled off a story of one of the most shameful times in the nation’s  and Hollywood’s history. New distributor Bleeckerthe contenders event sold out Street devoted its entire session to Trumbo at our big awards season all day event , The Contenders Presented By Deadline, which took place earlier this month at the DGA in front of an audience of Academy and key guild members. The creative minds behind the film talked about its genesis, strong entertainment value despite being about the very serious subject of the Hollywood Blacklist, how it got its financing, the integration of real and recreated footage  and the casting of Bryan Cranston in the leading role.  Check out the video of my conversation about this important contender (just click the link above to watch).

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