Vincent Margera Dies: ‘Don Vito’ Of ‘Viva La Bam’ & ‘Jackass’ Regular Was 59

Vincent Margera, the “crazy uncle” co-star of MTV’s Viva La Bam and a former regular Jackass contributor whose career was sidetracked by a sexual assault conviction, died Sunday. He was 59.

Johnny Knoxville confirm Margera’s death on Twitter:

Margera appeared on every episode of Viva La Bam from 2003-06, and his often unintelligible speech led his nephew Bam Margera to dub him “Don Vito.” The elder Margera appeared in other reality fare during the 2000s including Totally Busted, HaggardStankervision and videos in the CKY franchise. He also contributed to the 2006 feature sequel Jackass Number Two, but his scenes were deleted after he was arrested for groping two 12-year-old girls during an autographing signing. He ultitmatle was convicted on two counts of sexual assault on a minor and Margera was sentenced to 10 years of “serious” probation. The also ordered him to not play the “Don Vito” character while serving his sentence. 

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